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    [b]Who we are[/b] Horizons' Edge was established on the 7th of February with the idea of a laid back corporation that would focus more towards respecting one another and creating a community within itself. Horizons' Edge accepts all players regardless of having a mic or skill point level. We originated in DUST 514 on the PS3 console. <strong>What We Require</strong> Horizons' Edge does not require much of its members. Here are the following things: - Be respectful, and respectable - Be fairly active (4 out of 7 days a week is enough to suffice.) - Be able to listen and follow plans, and speak out if you know an idea is bad and have suggestions of your own. [u]Our main games as a community so far are DUST 514 (PS3 ) & Destiny (PS3 & PS4)[/u]

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