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Destiny and YOU - All the fuss

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After browsing the forums off and on since the beta to keep up with announcements and possibly teasers being released, I've come to the conclusion that nobody really seems to understand where this game is going, yet alone where they want it to go. As I read below me with all of the "Petition to add private matches" threads. From the no matchmaking in raids, to people complaining about the beta not flowing into release, to finally where we are today with no private matches.. From the Bungie fanboys(like myself) to the everyday COD player wrapped up in the hype.. It's very sad to see all of you complain, bitch, and argue with a sense of entitlement. This applies to basically everyone who has complained about a decision Bungie had made that aligned with their goal. And after piecing everything together I firmly believe this game is solely based upon the non lore breaking player interaction. Bungie doesn't want to make a sandbox multiplayer game with a kick ass single player campaign(Halo Series) again. They had their run and I myself believe that Microsoft should just drop halo before they turn it into another over-saturated game type. What I'm seeing a lot of is people afraid to break the status quo. They want something they're comfortable with, they want something their used too, and I'm not completely sure why honestly. Bungie is a company that has a history with bold moves, and that's what their games are seemingly about. They are a company that will not listen(to an extent) to do something that they feel is the right direction for their game. Destiny by far is the single most anticipated game for what feels like the last 10 years, even more so than halo I feel. And people are seemingly forgetting that they promised something different, something new, and something groundbreaking. And after playing the Beta, I think they are accomplishing just that. They're after a game that will keep you immersed in their world whenever you're logged into it. Whether its loading another planet(Flying to it), to beating up other guardians in the crucible, everything is designed around one premise, is that you will [b][u]NEVER[/u][/b] break the lore. And even when you're with your friends they [b][u]NEVER[/u][/b] want you to break free from the world they created. You are going to interact with players, inside and out, whether in a fire team or roaming solo. No matchmaking for raids? While unhappy with it myself, ever since their release raid have been designed to challenge players to work together as a team, build friendships, and even tear them down. And after being thrown in the devils lair with a bit of matchmaking and half the players never coming along and y my friend that i just met in a mission and I do it anyways, and enjoying it way more.. I am content with their decision. It didn't keep me from break the lore and feeling apart of the game. No beta carry over? Shut up. No private matchmaking? While I can understand the fuss and the premise private matchmaking is as lore breaking as matchmaking for raids would be. The idea behind the crucible in the first place is to test you skills against other guardians. If you want to do it with your friends, you're in a fire-team, but still the main goal is to test your skills against other guardians. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a form of clan matchmaking later on, however I think the primary "ranked" MLG style game play is going to be the Iron Banner or a game type similar to that. To address the want for a private game, no, it would be too lore breaking and it contradicts with their goals on what they want their game to be about, complete immersion. Running around having a hunter 360 throwing knife contest, or no scoping sniper games is not their idea of immersion. Bungie is attempting to accomplish an amazing thing. And I feel they are going to succeed at it. Bungie is one of the few companies that still make games that THEY want to play, not what YOU want to play. And that is what they're all about. That's what they were all about when they released Halo, when they added forge, competitive multiplayer, etc etc etc. But their heart isn't settling right on turning Destiny into Halo or Call of duty. They want this game to stand out. And their not afraid to kick down the wall guns blazing to get it done. You should be happy and proud, not entitled to be apart of Bungie's dream, because it wasn't you that made Bungie what they are today, it was them.

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