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Surf a Flood of random discussion.
Edited by Officer Nasty: 3/26/2014 2:25:24 AM

You know you're a newbie when...(100 rules party!)

1. You think the recent rule change is super strict 2. You don't know what the Flood is 3. You take anything Camnator says seriously 4. You can't recognize 80% of the troll threads here 5. You don't know who Harlow is 6. You are legitimately confused when you see "Porch Lord" comment 7. When you think Vien is just joking around 8. When you aspire to be relevant here instead of focusing on life 9. You have no idea what "inb4" means 10. When you make a thread asking for girl advice 11. You don't know about the "Toast/Envelope Method." 12. You think "Futer, Repoted, ALOENS, and Meter" are all just typos 13. When you don't know how to bold/italicize/underline/quote/spoiler/make links despite there being instructions 14. When you start a religious thread 15. When you don't know about Rule 34, Furries, or Creepypasta 16. When your user name has xX or 420 or legit ot pro or snipes or all of the above xXlegitxproxsnipesx420Xx 17. When you come here looking for acceptance 18. When you think you can speak your mind without getting ridiculed 19. When you complain about the shitposting 20. Wonder why John Cena is such a hated wrestler here 21. when you think 'Ming = blown' is some kind of Flash Gordon reference - Arkvoodle 22. When you try - Plasma Eagle 23. When you ask if you're relevant - "" 24. When you click John Cena's links - "" 25. When you can't bypass the word filter - "" 26. When you think #Destiny is a nice place - "" 27. When you don't know what kitchen 8 is - "" 28. When you don't know what Porch Day is - "" 29. When you think Shishka is not a pegboy - "" 30. You actually care for Destiny - Stark444 31. When you don't know how to blank post - Player3Th0mas 32. You seriously think /b/ is attacking us 33. You don't know about ifarted69 day - TopWargamer 34. You've never been below rader - The Planet Venus 35. You think 'relevant' means important - Emperor Abbott 36. You don't know what the Cosmic Wang is - Capiton Render 37. You don't know about the Cheerios thread - Blonic 38. You frequently make 'Ask Me Anything' threads 39. When you don't insult Ken. - Rabid Grunt 4 40. When you've never indulged in a Flood late night bar thread. - "" 41. When you've never felt the wrath of disembodied soul. - "" 42. When you don't get a PM from Wednesday. - BannedDerpyWhale 43. You think there are girls on the Flood 44. You never separate your paragraphs - j0sh291 45. You never saw Achronos's threat towards the Flood - Mystic Sun 46. You get confused when we talk about our titles - "" 47. You didn't experience the MLP and Furry frenzy - "" 48. You don't know what 1337 means - "" 49. You never knew Recon banned himself - "" 50. You think Sticky and Pinned threads are just a myth - "" 51. You don't know about the haunted Reach disc - "" 52. You don't know people spammed the forums asking for recon armor - "" 53. You don't know what the supreme mythics were - Hipi07 54. You don't know who Captain K Mart is - "" 55. You don't know what a carpet ban is - "" 56. You don't know what HFCS is - "" 57. You've never Frog Blasted the Vent Core - The Mythic Wolf 58. You don't blame Stosh - QuirkyNate 59. You don't know who Urk is - "" 60. You don't know about the search for Clockman - Dovahkiin 61. You've never seen the 'DO YOU LIKE PIE?' Thread - cRaZyT101 62. You wonder why people comment cOLD, mOLD, etc. 63. You don't know what a botched lobotomy is - Slendy 64. You don't know what halp 4 is - Slendy 65. You don't know about the title bar or special titles - Commander Cody 66. You think DerHollenhund adding -Der at the end of his posts is the same as durr - Not A Doctor 67. You try to answer honestly to a 'What is Love' thread - MyNameIsCharlie 68. You don't think Recon has gone senile 69. You don't think MyNameIsCharlie is trolling - Mystic Sun (rule 69 lololol) 70. You don't understand why somebody says "WW2 Russia" in every __vs__ thread 71. You come here expecting blue flames - Ch33zyburrito 72. You take 'reported, message sent to ninjas, fbi and secret service. Enjoy your ban' serious. - Flash 73. You take the Navy Seal copy/pasta seriously - Ch33zyburrito 74. You don't know we invented the "Challenge Accepted" meme - Lucky The Bear 75. When you post #gaming stuff in the Flood - Vakarian 76. You expect people to join your clan - Ch33zyburrito 77. You don't know what "garlic bread" is referencing - L3g1t 8bit 78. You don't 'REMEMBER ELK' - Mega Blaziken 79. You don't have any Halo stats - abba61 80. You don't know why Bungie doesn't update the Halo stats - Wicked Navajo 81. You don't know what The Floof is - ToastyWaffles 82. You think followers matter - carpet brain 83. You ask for followers - "" 84. You think doing the Research Subject Survey automatically makes you a beta tester - Gary 85. You have no Halo 2 stats - Rampant 86. You think that anyone who has different beliefs than you is a troll - WAKAxTrollxWAKA 87. You grab a jacket when someone says it's cOLD in here - Seskis 88. When you join the site because of Halo 4 - EliteGrunt 89. You actually ask questions in #Support - Arctic Junkie 90. You don't know that a Ninja is actually a Moderator - ExtremistFlyer7 91. You haven't seen Arby n Chief, and aren't able to recognize any of Chief's quotes - IIx luke xII 92. You join for Destiny - Enclave Soldier 93. You give an unbiased response in any debate - MrBurns 94. You post in the wrong sub-forums - Guardian 95. You don't have a SecondClass Premium Membership yet - Gnome Scat 96. You post Halo 4 hate threads - CallMeBeach 97. You don't know you can change your decision in polls - ExtremistFlyer7 98. You think someone made a typo when they say "3good5u" - Eli 99. You ask where Vien gets his pictures - ABannedUsername 100(100 rules! -blam!- yeah!) - You flip out when True Underdog's avatar moves - ABannedUsername WOOHOO! 100 rules! Unfortunately, I'm capping the rules here, and this is now an official document of Floodian standards. PS: If you enjoy this thread, shoot it a like for yours truly <3

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