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Cry more: or why Microsoft understands what gamers won't

[quote][U][B][I]BREAKING!!!!! [url=]75% OF PEOPLE DISAPPOINTED WITH XBOX ONE[/URL] [URL=]XBOX ONE TROUNCED IN TWITTER POLL[/URL] [url=]XBOX ONE IS GOING TO DESTROY THE WORLD[/URL] [url=]XBOX KILLED THIS KITTEN'S PARENTS[/URL][/U][/B][/I][/quote] If you've been on the world-wide-webternet lately, you could be forgiven for thinking the Xbox One is literally Hitler. Kind of. It was just a bunch of gimmicks, with no games, and there's no reason to expand multimedia capabilities. Let's see what's happening here. [url=]1[/url], [url=]2[/url], [url=]3[/url], [url=]5[/url], [url=]6[/url], [url=]7[/url], [url=]8[/url] [quote][b]Demographics:[/b] -30% of gamers are women; 18% are boys under 17 -33% of gamers play social games -33% of gamers play mobile games -38% of Xbox users are women -51% of Xbox users have children [b]Growth Rates:[/b] -57% YOY growth in Xbox entertainment usage in 2013 -40% of Xbox usage was [i]non-[/i]game in 2011 -Since 3/2012, [i]non-[/i]game Xbox usage has outpaced game usage -2008: $21.40B video game retail sales -2009: $19.66B retail sales, 8% drop -2010: $18.58B retail sales, 6% drop -2011: $17.02B retail sales, 8% drop -2012: $13.26B retail sales, 22% drop -24 million Kinect units have been sold -Dec 2010: half of all Xbox sales are Kinect bundles -Feb 2011: two-thirds are Kinect bundles -Black Friday 2011: three-quarter of a million Kinect units sold[/quote] The nature of gaming, the gaming audience, and the game platform have all changed. The Xbox [u]360[/u], has already become as much a home entertainment device as a gaming device. Meanwhile, 84% of [i]tablet[/i] owners are using them primarily to play games, compared to 51% who are consuming music and video. The numbers are clear: the traditional "game console" does not exist. Just ask Sony, which is putting off remote play, Vita streaming, and legacy game downloads and instead offering day-one support for Netflix, Amazon Video, and its own Music and Video Unlimited services. The best part is that gaming hasn't gone anywhere... unless you think it's unusual for games to be announced at Electronic Entertainment Expo. Okay, fine. Let's just say that there is a market out there besides the traditional gamer. Reaction to the Xbox One reveal has still been completely terrible! From Gamespot polls to IGN polls, what's clear is that the XB1 reveal was a complete dud. Well, I decided to venture out of my gamer-cave and see what the rest of the world was doing. I do this once every week anyway, and it gives me time to shower and grab some packs of Mountain Dew. Really though, what does the mainstream media think about the reveal? [quote][url=]Microsoft has done what Apple has long been rumored to do. It has created a near-perfect living room machine, one that has the potential to finally make it simple for you to watch or play anything you want, from anywhere, very quickly... The One isn’t perfect, but it might be the closest thing we’ve seen, so far, to the living-room computer of our dreams... Sony’s device looks far less intuitive than Microsoft’s. (Nintendo, meanwhile, looks out of the game at this point; its Wii U has been a flop.)[/url][/quote] [quote][url=]Today, video games can be played almost anywhere, on any device, with the biggest possible audience of online friends and without the aid of a costly gaming console... With [the Xbox One], [Microsoft] hopes it can reassert the living room as the place where people can still get the best gaming experience, complete with eye-popping graphics and innovative methods for controlling games.[/url][/quote] [quote][url=]At an hour-long unveiling at the company's Redmond, Wash., headquarters on Tuesday, Microsoft executives used voice controls to switch back and forth seamlessly between watching live TV, listening to music, playing a movie and browsing the Internet — all while running apps for stuff like fantasy football and Skype chats on the side of the screen.[/url][/quote] [quote][url=]The new Xbox, he said, fits a modern family’s entertainment needs... To bolster that position, Microsoft has also announced key content partnerships with the NFL and Steven Spielberg... That’s not to say that Microsoft has neglected its gaming features. With the next generation of its Kinect motion controller... ...And the firm also showed off some live gameplay and improved graphics — a major expectation gamers had for the new console.[/url][/quote] [quote][url=]In an introductory video that featured Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams and more, the company said that the Xbox One would be the first time that "you and your TV are going to have a relationship." And they might have a point. Hyping the Xbox One's ability to be an "all-in-one entertainment system," Microsoft showed off a console that is capable of seamlessly flipping between the multimedia in your life... ...In the demo showcased by Don Mattrick, Microsoft’s president of Interactive Entertainment Business, the speed at which the console was able to make these changes was met with audible gasps from the audience.[/url][/quote] [quote][url=,0,4103488.story]"The battle for consumers' time has shifted radically to multimedia entertainment," said veteran video game analyst P.J. McNealy, chief executive of Digital World Research. "So you have to have a connected device that allows you to watch TV, that allows you to watch movies, to listen to music, to communicate with friends, to play games." In many ways, the Xbox One represents a natural evolution for a game console that increasingly is being used to deliver a broad spectrum of entertainment in the home. [/url][/quote] Some more: [url=]1[/url], [url=]2[/url], [url=]3[/url], [url=]4[/url] The Xbox reveal was a success because it sent the right message to the right people. Gamers don't care about live TV, and they don't have to. Microsoft has E3 to coddle their followers. But mainstream media loves the partnerships with the NFL and Steven Spielberg, the intuitive nature of Kinect control, and the console's ability to seamlessly integrate TV and gaming/multimedia into one box. There are comparisons to Apple, and TV networks that should be "worried". There are industry analysts talking about how mobile/social gaming is the next big thing, and that it makes sense to rope in those people. CNBC even called the all-in-one media hub the "holy grail". But what about gaming? Look, gaming is still around, and I would argue that it's [url=]better than ever.[/url] From specs to cloud integration, the Xbox One has everything it needs to do everything well. What we saw on the 21st was a device that's truly capable of being a full entertainment machine: seamless switching between TV and gaming, easy voice navigation, cloud capabilities, apps, and services. And the purpose of this post is to show that multimedia is something that the Xbox One needs too-- not more than gaming, not instead of gaming. Just [i]with[/i] gaming. [i]Before I let you go, let's get real for a second. I know I've been playing a lot of defense for the Xbox One lately, but it's not because I hate the PS4. Actually, I think it has some mind-blowing features. It's just that, looking at the hate in forums and websites and everything, there are people who aren't saying "hey, I this isn't my cup of tea". They're saying "omg reveal was epic fail" or "lol nobody cares about [x]"... but that's not really true. And it's not constructive. That's what I'm aiming at here.[/i]

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