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Hunters of Destiny [HOD]

"The Largest Community of Hunters in the World"

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    Hunters of Destiny is the largest social and gaming Hunter-class player interaction group in the world & on Bungie. Hunters & Huntresses of any console, country and playstyle are accepted. Our goal of Hunter domination is now fulfilled beyond our wildest dreams, thank you to eveyone who's joined and participated in the group! If you're looking for PvP, PvE, PoE, VoG, or CE teams or players, just post on our wall or in our forums. We've essentially become the LFG for Hunter players looking for teams and raids, so you'll easily find others to play with. The clan system automatically accepts player submissions, don't message the admins if you can't get in since we can't do anything about it. If it doesn't accept you, then it's full. Leadership: The Mist Hunter (Graphic Designer & Technical Director/ Xbox One), HoD Deadeye (Creative/Community Director, Xbox One), Legion2130 (Xbox One)

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