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1/9/2005 12:14:03 AM

B.Net: New Beginnings II

[quote][b]Posted by:[/b] MCs Brother It was a rainy day in the streets of New Mombasa. But I didn't mind. I'd been sent to find out whether or not this guy was for real. I found the crowd easily enough. They were gathered around one of the stickies and listening to someone make a speech. He had good points. But I didn't like his presentation. Sloppy, like Howard Dean's "scream" speech. But apparently I was the only one. Everyone else immediately stopped fighting as soon as they heard him rant. It sounded like the real deal. It looked as if New Mombasa might actually revert back to it's glory days. But then I realized something; they were going to eventually ask this guy to be a mod if his plan succeeded. I didn't like the idea of someone like him having the power to obliterate anyone that didn't agree with him. I waited for the crowd to thin out and approached him. "What's yer name?" "Ah my child, you may call me the Prophet of Unity." "Uh huh. So what are you hoping to gain from all this?" "My only desire is to see the unification of the forums." "Sure. Besides the fact that it would give you a high recommendation from half the forum for modship?" "What are you implying, young one?" "That you would use your powers to get rid of anyone you didn't like." "You are a brash one. A fool who easily jumps to conclusions. When all this is said and done, and the forums are united, I will personally see to it that you shall I say? Reformed." "Well see who's gonna be reformed soon enough." I left, feeling angry and dumb. As I walked down Flood street, I heard someone yell out "MCs Brother!" I turned and saw KayJay running towards me. [i] Oh no. Damnit kid, leave me alone [/i] I thought to myself. "Wait! Wait! I only want your autograph!" I broke into a sprint. But the kid was fast. In seconds he was running alongside me. "Why don't you leave me alone?" "But you're like a king to me!" "Why? I'm not that great a member." "You should be a mod!" Just as he said that I saw the door to my office within site. I ran as fast as I could, made it inside and locked the door. My partner DanceswithHogs, who had been reading the paper, looked up. "mcs sister again?" "No. KayJay. Any messages?" "None, but you got a package." I walked into my office and found a small brown box on my desk. The tag had this written on it: [i] When the Great Journey begins, the weight of your herecy will stay your feet and you will be left behind. [/i] It wasn't even two seconds after I read the tag when the box exploded in my face......... [/quote] As I looked in on the hospital bed where MC’s Brother was being treated I knew something was wrong. MC’s Bro was as good as detectives came; there was a reason that he was on top. If someone could get at him like this then something was most certainly up. As I was standing there pondering I heard someone speak behind me from the shadows, “You may not have known this, but MC’s Bro was involved in a pretty big case before this. I’ve been sent out to find a replacement, and I’ve heard good things about you, kid.” “Why not wait until MC’s Bro is healed before continuing?” I didn’t turn around. “We may not have the time. Have you heard of this so-called Prophet of Unity?” “How could I have not? He’s practically running New Mombasa. I’d say that he has more power there than the mods do.” “And that’s what we’re worried about.” “We?” I turned around to face the speaker. [i]Ah, Nosferatu. I didn’t know he was working with the mods.[/i] As the thought ran through my head my surprise must have shown on my face, because he answered it. “You know how Recon was recently promoted?” I nodded. “Well, this had been his job for awhile, finding new recruits. But people were starting to wonder why he hadn’t been made into a mod yet, so they promoted him to ease suspicion, and hired me in his place.” “Who are you recruiting for?” “Well, before I bring you to them, I have to make sure you won’t be deceived by our enemies. What is Battle Weasels?” “It’s a joke,” I quickly responded. “Good. Far too many people wouldn’t have realized that, and wouldn’t have been suited for this task. Where was Recon last night?” “With your mom.” “Another good answer; you know the people of the forums. Alright, I believe you will do. Follow me.” He turned and quickly strode out into the forum. Even here in the Septagon there was evidence of Unity; misplaced threads named in his honor. Nosferatu looked at them with scorn, saying “These fools do not realize what they are doing. Are they blind?” I didn’t answer; I don’t think he was looking for one. We rounded another corner and came to an alley. It was poorly lit, covered in shadow. I instantly went on alert and placed my hand on my holster; if this was a trick then the trap would be here. Nosferatu strode into the ally without faltering, and I followed slowly. Suddenly and figure burst out of a shadow behind me, moving swiftly. I turned while pulling out my Magnum and leveled it at his head. “Move again and it’ll be your last. Now tell your partner behind that box over there to come out, and answer my questions.” Just as the second figure stepped into the light Nosferatu appeared. I barely noticed however, intead staring at the second attacker. It was Frankie! “Tripped up again, Frankie?” Noferatu drawled. Frankie responded with a slight smile, “You were right. He is good.” I, of course, was confused, with several theories as to why Frankie would have attacked me along with the Sigma (who had stepped into the light as soon as I lowered my gun), but none of them quite fit. Frankie, grinning at my bewilderment, spoke. “Well, you’ve passed your third test. Now, Nosferatu, I believe you two were going somewhere?” Without a word, Noferatu turned once again and stode down the alley. I followed, realizing that this case that MC’s Bro had been working on must have been much more important than I had assumed. After several more turns, Nosferatu stopped besides a link. He opened it, and entered. Once again, I followed, and found myself in a small room, with several other links around it. A man strode through one and walked up to a chair in the middle of the room, saying, “Achronos, the code around Unity has been disrupted again. We weren’t able to track it.” I was floored. Achronos? This was the man that MC’s Bro had been working with, and who I was apparently going to work with as well? I knew immediately that this wasn’t going to be like the smaller cases that I had worked on in the short time since I had become a detective. This was much bigger. Achronos turned towards Noferatu and me with an appraising look in his eye. As he looked us over, I realized that Nosferatu was probably being judged as well, having come into his post so recently. The corners of Achronos’ mouth turned up, however, and he simply said “Good choice. Un Gato, follow me. Nosferatu, you may go.” Noferatu turned to leave, and I walked up to Achronos’ chair. He stood up and walked towards the link that the man had come through earlier. As he walked, he spoke. “I’m sure that you already know of Unity, or Nosferatu wouldn’t have let you in here. I’m also sure that you are already suspicious of his motives, for the same reason. We, however, [i]know[/i] that he is up to something. I am about to show you why.” He stopped suddenly, opened a link besides him, and entered. I once again followed. The room that we entered appeared to be a sort of security station. On the screens were feeds from all of the forums, although I noticed that New Mombasa had the most. And Unity’s name was everywhere. Predictably, New Mombasa was nearly wallpapered with it, but I was shocked at just how many times the name appeared. I had missed the scope of this by not venturing out of the Flood and Septagon often enough. Achronos walked over to a particular console, and this one looked different from the others. On this one there were lines and lines of letters and numbers that appeared to make no sense; they must have been some type of code. And Achronos once again began to speak. “This is the code for The Library. This is what the rest of the forums should look like; the code shouldn’t be too organized in any one spot. And here,” he said as the screen flicked out to be replaced by a new one, “Is what New Mombasa looks like around Unity. His name is fitting, apparently.” This screen was far different. The figures were organized into clear ripples around a central point, and faded the further they were from the center. The center itself was different; it was in the shape of a vague spiral, which rotated slowly. Achronos switched the screen again, saying, “This is what Unity looked like a couple of weeks ago.” The ripples were significantly smaller on this screen, and the center wasn’t there. “Unity started out with a regular screen when he first joined. Guess when it changed.” His look was judging, as it been when Nosferatu was with me. “When you banned Shishka?” I replied tentatively. I didn’t want to answer anything wrong now; this was too important. I sighed inwardly as the corners of his mouth once again turned up. “Correct. We can’t know whether or not there is a connection between the two, but the timing is certainly suspicious. We’ve never been forced to ban a moderator before, so we don’t know what the consequences may have been. We’ve been running simulations with chapters, of course, but those haven’t turned anything up. We need you to get close to Unity and see if you can find anything.” “Why not wait for Mc’s Brother to heal?” “We don’t want to wait and see what happens while he does, for one. But there is another reason; his defeating of Shishka has made him quite recognized around here. Our enemies won’t talk to him as they would to you.” “So you want me to spy?” Achronos grinned. “Yep.” [Edited on 1/8/2005 5:51:24 PM]
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