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6/22/2008 8:57:30 PM

Lets reach 7,000,000,000 Campaign kills by Bungie Day.

[url=]Group Photo[/url] [url=]OMG 7,000,000,000[/url] That would be an amazing community effort and would make bungie proud and do something special for Bungie. JonnyOThan on Page 190 twice Lukems posted on page 33. x Foman123 x posted pages 31 and 66 and 159 (I think) FRONT PAGE!! [b] TODAY'S GOAL is to reach 6,940,000,000 [/b] [b][i][u]HOW TO FIX TOPIC NOT FOUND !!![/b][/i][/u] All you have to do is edit the last bit of text in your search bar. If you get a topic not found message and the last part of the search bar reads p=195#end just delete everything after the = sign and insert a number with a value one less than was there. In this example you would replace 195#end with the number 194 so it would read p=194. Thats it, simple. [url=]Official Group[/url] [url= fs=true&ssid=41284123]Offical Screenshot [/url] [url=]Other Screenshot[/url] >>>>>>>>>>[url=]Official Countdown[/url]<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Official numbers^^ [url=]The numbers June 27 onward[/url] ============================================================= [b][u]FOUNDERS[/u][/b] Sir Killalot33 ix madxman xi penguin wartheif halo master zen [u]BEYOND RECOGNITION[/u] dazarobbo (most enimies KIA in the world :O ) FMP2552 (OMG 7 Billion pic) [u]MASSIVE CONTRIBUTORS[/u] GhastlyGaseous SoxPride21 Mac2po Arphos WolfNox Lord P1eman HarmlessKitten7 SD2522 STRIKE LAUNCHER Lt8Jon spud3423 Vashkey [u]MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS[/u] XSupergamerzX Ahorner dfmblackrain2 Alpha Wolf Clan Fenrir Ookami (He doesn't sleep) En1gma0mega (Sitting in a dark room all week eating pizza and playing) ktownkatman BlueBaron123 Myrules92 xxXXBlaZeXXxx TyEbOi777 Nerd Boi Rare_Spartan XxJuicesxX Son Of LA wtfomglol canihazreconplz Requiem Two One Tristan093 GALLS 521 Mr Fuzzums1 VinAr Detlev [u]How to get contributor status.[/u] -You can get massive contributor status by getting 25,000 campaign kills. -You can get major contributor status by getting 12,000 campaign kills. -These kills must be from the time this post started and we will check if we feel the need to do so. -We the founders reserve the right to add or remove anyone from any of these lists, for any reason we see fit. -There are other ways to get on these lists so don't complain that someone is a massive contributor and does not have 25,000 kills. -If you feel you should be on one of these lists you should PM Madman or another founder. -Finally getting your name on any of these lists does not mean you will get something, we are doing this for bungie people not for ourselves. -[b]For all Top Contributors, Supergamerz is hosting a Group Picture for all of you, it won't take long so we can get back to the killing, but this is just for us to always have something to be remembered with, please Send an In game Message to XsupergamerzX for what times you are availble.[/b] ============================================================= Just a reminder to join laserleader's [url=]group[/url]. He will be giving out a 1-year XBL subscription code to the group member with the most campaign kills if the campaign kill count reaches 7,000,000,000 by 7:00 P.M. CST on July 7th. The group is open to anyone. TIPS This is mostly for people who like to speed things up: -When you enter to the last part of the level and to the 2nd last Cortana part (room what has 2 doors and it leads to the hangar) throw 1-2 grenades to the LEFT door way while going to the right this way you might lucky and score a 2-3 kills. When you enter to the the Point Bravo (last one out take out lights..or something along those lines) at 2nd grunt turret,theres a small box/case of 4 frag grenades. Spam those grenades to the enemies infront of you or take the nade`s with you. When you enter to the part where you have to activate the bomb,be sure to have least 2 sticky nades. When you enter this room,jump on top of the railings on roof(like you would be getting the skull,but not on the same pipe as skull) now throw 2 plasmas to the brute next to the bomb(the brute with fuel rod). This way you can easily avoid other brutes and grunts in the room,and bigger brute wont hit you so easily with fuel rod cannon Always have a Battle Rifle! With battle rifle,you can take out grunts,jackals and drones with 1 shot Shotgun against brutes is extremely good,if you are playing on easy mode,you can pretty much just run to brutes Shotgun and melee to kill them. if you are facing higher rank brute,it might take 1 shotgun and blas and mayby 2 melees or even more Brutes usually try to melee when you are close to them,so if you are trying to just shotgun melee them,be sure to step back because brutes hit can give you a nice headache ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Remember everyone, Co-op is recommended for only the largest of levels like The Ark, and Covenant. Solo is advised for all levels. Crow's nest, Floodgate, and Cortana are especially great for one-man runs. Here are some general tips (Sir Killalot, if you think these are useful, please edit them into the first post): -The noob combo from Halo 2 makes a vengeful return in Halo 3 campaign. Brutes are often empty-minded when it comes to your position, so when you come across a pack unaware of you, pick up a plasma pistol from your previous manslaughter, and fire an overcharged shot at the highest ranking, or most dangerous brute you see. This includes gold armor, brute shot wielders, and especially Gold-armored Fuel-rod wielders. -On flood, take time to hone in on your headshots. Or in this case, chest shots. The flood infects by burrowing into the chest, and overtaking the nervous system. If you can land even one BR round into the chest where the infection form nests, the body will fall instantly. -Try not to destroy the flood bodies. If there are stray infection forms around, chances are they will find another body. This will allow you to earn more kills. -Stay aggressive. Don't let up on your attacks as much. If you die, try to learn why, and next time, use it to your advantage. -Stick those suckers! Every grenade that kills saves time, and ammo. -Silver skulls make the game funnier, and in cases, easier. Activating the Grunt Birthday skull not only is great to see, it actually has enough force to detonate grenades on the ground. -Catch! Use this skull if you have the tenacity to. It will supply you with all of the grenades you'll ever need, but will also throw more grenades at you than you'll want. -Haste makes waste. Now obviously, we want you to keep the pace fast, but try to kill all of the Covenant in sight. This includes Phantoms. There is always a way to down phantoms. Take those first three phantoms that show up in Tsavo for example. If you have the Fuel rod, pump four rods into an engine, and it's going down. This is useful on those that drop off those chieftains. -If you want to get the most kills, DO NOT PLAY CO-OP! Play single-player on Crows' Nest on Easy. Once you do it enough and get faster at it, like me, you can easily get around 200-210 kills in <12mins [url=]Official Myspace[/url] [url=]FAQ[/url] [url=]Machinima[/url] [u]Promotional Videos[/u] [url=]Video[/url] [url=]Video2[/url] [url=]Video3[/url] [url=]Campaign Bloopers Video[/url] YES this is possible ! see todays kill count [url=]here[/url]. So were going to need alot of help. Ever little bit counts, this is a numbers game people and we are fighting an uphill battle. So do your part no matter how big or small. ________________________________________________________________________ Tyeboi777's Campaign Checklist The Needed: - a Difficulty Heroic or Higher. - the Tough Luck Skull - a BR, and a Power weapon(Shotgun or rockets Etc.) and a few stickies - Meta Game counter - Kill everyone! Recommended: - 1 Partner. Trust me it gets Very boring. - IWHBYD, Cowbell, and Grunt B-day skulls - Legendary, or Mythic - The Covenant, Part where the Hornet Comes in. - Thunderstorm Skull Not recommended: - Blind, Iron, Famine, Catch Skulls - 4 people in a party - SLASO - ing - Rushing the level - Killing one by one when there is a large crowd - Suicides / betrayals - Cortana on legendary* - Dying ________________________________________________________- Also recommended: Some music By level: S117- In the Jungle, Welcome to the Jungle, Burn it Down Crows Nest- Down with the sickness, Breed, Smells like teen spirt. T- Highway - Highway to hell, Long way to the Top, In bloom The Storm- Sandstorm, Superbeast, Canon rock*** the Ark- Pork and beans, Dani california, Master of puppets The Covenant**- Like the angel, Amazing ( Aerosmith) , Run to the hills Cortana- Kernkrat 400, Infected ( Bad religion), Smooth criminal Halo- Amazing grace, Thank god it's raining men, Beat it ____________________________________ [Edited on 07.06.2008 8:56 PM PDT]
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