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5/27/2004 4:55:27 AM

I'm starting a clan.

This clan is still in formulation and is in its very basic stages. This is a special clan. This is a clan for people who are not the self-proclaimed "God", "master", "king", "lord", "best" at anything. This is a clan for people who do not proclaim their universal superiority because of a few neighborhood matches they've managed to win. Requirements: -You must have reached and passed through puberty. -You must not have a name that directly likes you with Halo. (ex, no "1337 spartan555" or "313373 elite") -Your name may not include more than one number. Meaning, no "1337" or "uberninja555." I'm stressing name originality. -You may not be the self-proclaimed best of anything unless you have participated in a championship to prove it, and even then you cannot be arrogant. You must be open to the idea that there is probably a person out there who didn't participate who could play the socks off of you. -You must have a basic understanding of grammar and spelling. -You have to be good at working with a team. You cannot be a hero if you wish to win. -You must have an IQ in the tripple digits. -You cannot use any "ghetto" language. -You must have a sense of humor. I am very sarcastic, and if you cannot take it, you cannot work well. -You cannot be a "horny teen." Joking about it is ok, but please don't ask me if I'd be your cyber girlfriend. -You may not be angsty. -You must know what "angsty" means. -You must be willing to have fun with other teams. Realize that if you're kicking the other team's ass with the sniper rifle, then you'd make it more fun for everyone if you stop using it. -You must have knowledge as to the location of your caps lock key. -You may not USE the caps lock key. I realize that these requirements disqualify 99% of the members. To join, you must answer these in Personal Messages. 1) Why do you want to join? 2) Who is your favorite philosopher? [b]Why?[/b] 3) What role in Halo do you like to play? [b]Why?[/b] 4) What role are you BEST at playing? [b]Why?[/b] 5) Can you take criticism? Do you have trouble identifing what is "constructive" and what is "hurtful"? 6) Do girls make you uncomfortable? 7) Can you sing? (rapping does not count) 8) Who is your favourite author? 9) What is your favorite color scheme? Is there a reason that you like it? 10) Are you literate? "What do I get from joining?" You get absolutely nothing! Ahahaha! Again. Anything and everything is subject to change. A name has not yet been chosen, as I believe it is the job of the clan to choose the name to represent them. [Edited on 5/26/2004 8:59:00 PM]

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