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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
8/23/2014 12:50:06 AM

Fundamental Flaw in the OVERALL Game

Legendary Gold Exotic gear limit shouldn't exist.


Legendary Gold Exotic gear limit should stay


You have a different system idea for LGE gear.


Most of us are already aware of how the GEAR equipment system will work thanks to gaming magazines, YouTubers, what we have heard from Bungie directly, and our own time in the Alpha and Beta for Destiny. The way it works is we are able to collect as much Legendary Gold Exotic GEAR weapons and armor as we want and some of them will allow us to taste the elusive fruit of "Double Dipping" perks for our Super abilities. However we are limited to equipping only one Legendary Gold Exotic weapon and armor piece (EACH), in both regular story oriented gameplay modes and competitive multiplayer. YouTuber Rick Kackis just posted a video on this today to talk about this and why Bungie did this as a way to nerf multiplayer to make it more fair and was a generally good idea in this one aspect. But also about how they needlessly applied this to the story oriented gameplay! I've posted his video here so everybody can hear his solid argument for why this was a unneeded terrible fundamental design flaw in the game, especially BUNGIE. I know your reading DeeJ. If any of you are thinking about saying that this is just another issue that will take to many "MONTHS" of development to implement in a patch at launch. You should wait until you hear Rick's full argument and solution to this presented in full. You can still try and say your opinion of how it likely can't be done after you've watched but your arguments are going to sound pretty damn hollow given the solution is so easy it's stupid. If anyone wants to help make a change to this issue make sure to leave a comment on this thread, leave a LIKE on Rick's video which I've left a link to below to show your support for his argument and solution, and tweet to Bungie like Rick asks us to and complain with constructive criticism about this issue. Remember feel free to voice your opinions about the good and bad, but be logical. Here's the link to the channel KackisHD video

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  • The system now is good only one flaw in my opinion; there should be a choice to equip 2 exotic weapon or armor pieces instead of one of both. So if i don't like the exotic weapons i have (or got better legendary) and have 2 exotic armor pieces i want to wear at the same time there should be a choice to use that extra armor instead of a exotic weapon. This should at an extra dimension to builds, it's a way to build a real (titan) tank or a hunter with dangerous firepower. It adds more, what bungie said [b]our choices should matter[/b], it already does, but with this it would do more. It would be a simple update even while the game's already gone "gold"

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