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Edited by David Dunn: 8/16/2014 6:20:46 PM

HOW will Bungie buff the Hand Cannon?

Increase Precision Damage, Give it a niche!


Make it more user-friendly, like the Scout Rifle!


[i]As mentioned in this interview: [url][/url], The makers of Destiny have finally decided to buff the Hand cannon and Pulse rifle.[/i] Will it be in the form of increased [b]Precision Damage[/b]?[spoiler]If they increase the d[b]amage[/b] (impact), or more likely the [b]precision damage[/b] (headshot multiplier), the more powerful Hand Cannons will become[i] two shot kill[/i] weapons. (to the head that is). That makes it unlikely for there to also be improvements on other traits.[/spoiler]Or will it be in the form of [b]useability in general[/b]?[spoiler]If they decide to leave the damage intact, they would have to improve [b]Rate of Fire, Reload time, Range, Stability, ADS time, Suppression, Suppression resistance,[/b] etc. , potentially making the Hand Cannon more like the Scout Rifles.[/spoiler] [b] Edit: For clarification, ´useability in general´ refers to either Rate of Fire, Reload time, Range, Stability, ADS time, Suppression, Suppression Resistance, or any other trait of the weapon not directly related to damage output, or a combination of the above. [/b]

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