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Surf a Flood of random discussion.
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bnet encounters episode 1: Deej goes to McDonald's.

[i]Carla had been working at McDonald's for a week and she was doing a very good job taking orders at the drive-thru. She always put the needs of the customer first before her own. Little did she know that her day would start off with the worst customer in the world. As the car pulled up to the microphone, Deej began to place his order, along with a side of frustration. [/i] Carla: Welcome to McDonald's. What would you like today? Deej: I would like some stuff. Carla: Excuse me? Deej: I would like some stuff. Carla: I'm sorry, I don't understand what you are saying. Could you speak a little bit more clearly? Deej: Yes, sorry. I would like the item I am pointing to. Carla: um.....sir, I can't see what you are pointing at. Did you need help reading the menu? Deej: Do unicorns like lollipops? Carla: .... ......... You said you wanted a pop? Deej: That is not what I said. I asked if unicorns like lollipops. Carla: uh....I'm not sure I'm following what you are saying. Is this some sort of joke? Like is this one of those pranks that people put on youtube? Deej: This is not a prank. I just want to order breakfast. jib-jub BAPPITY FLAP! Carla: Ok. Well go ahead and order something on the menu. We are having a sausage mcmuffin special today. Would you be interested in that? It comes with a side of hash browns and a medium orange juice. Deej: Nobody ever knows for sure about what they really want. Sometimes the winds of time take us to strange and wondrous places young one. Our interests vary from day to day. Life is a mysterious thing. Carla: Is that a yes or a no? At this point, Carla doesn't hear Deej's response because just then the car behind him honked impatiently. Carla: I didn't catch that. Could you repeat that? Deej: (silence) More car horns begin to honk as Carla waits for Deej's order. But it never comes. Meanwhile people can be heard swearing "DUDE, HURRY THE -blam!- UP OR GET THE -blam!- OUT OF OUR WAY!" followed by more angry beeping. Eventually the manager asks Carla to see what is going on. So she goes outside and finds Deej still parked at the drive-thru menu, with his window rolled up. Confused, Carla walks over and gently raps on his window. Carla: Excuse me sir? Deej: (muffled speech) Carla: (yelling) Sir, I can't hear you. Could you roll your window down? Deej writes something down on a piece of paper and holds it up to the window. It reads "They are being rude, so I muted them." Carla: um......WELL, IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO ORDER SOMETHING, THEN I'M GOING TO HAVE TO ASK YOU TO MOVE! YOU ARE BLOCKING THE OTHER CUSTOMERS! Deej rolls down his window. Deej: You know what I want. Carla: No....I have no idea what you want. I haven't understood a thing you said today. Now would you please tell me what you want to order? Deej: I would love one of your delicious flippity goos. Carla: What?! Deej: I'm being clever. Carla: Um........what? At this point the manager comes out to see why the line hasn't moved. Carla explains to him that she cannot get a coherent answer out of Deej. The manager begins to tell Deej that he needs to order something or else move so that he doesn't hold up the other customers. But as he is talking, Deej rolls his window back up and plugs his ears. The manager sighs and pulls out his cell phone and dials the police. Suddenly Deej slams the pedal to the floor and screeches out of the drive thru, hitting both the manager and Carla on the back, breaking both of their hips and leaving them extremely butthurt.

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