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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
7/31/2014 4:52:15 AM

Destiny Feedback

I played the Destiny Beta on Xbox 360 and I loved the game. I enjoyed the combat mechanics, classes, story, quests, and PVP. The game is also a feast for the eyes. I made a titan, hunter, and warlock and leveled them each to level 8 (the max). If I had to make improvements, these are what I would consider improving: • [b]The Golden Gun…not so golden[/b] - When I was supercharged as a hunter I almost never used the Golden Gun. There are three reasons for this: 1) It was graphically underwhelming when compared to the other classes; 2) The Golden Gun was not an area of effect (AOE) weapon, while the other classes' weapon had an opportunity to damage multiple enemies; and 3) The Golden Gun was not mechanically different from the effects you would see from a shotgun, fusion rifle, or even a sniper rifle. On the other hand, the titan and warlock super ability was equivalent to a heavy weapon. This gave them a tactical advantage, because it was like they potentially had one more hidden rocket blast. • [b]Weapon Availability [/b]- I love the different styles of weapons and armor. Although, I eventually came to prefer auto rifles for my characters. This doesn't mean I think the game should be covered in auto rifles. However, I think there should be an option in the Tower for Banshee-44 (the gunsmith) to carry one standard weapon type of your level. I was miserable if I wasn't using an auto rifle, even if I had a suped-up pulse rifle (or any other weapon). • [b]Lift/Double Jump/Glide[/b] - I like the fact that each class had a unique vertical ability. However, I was never sure if there was a cool down on the abilities or if they can be spammed (this review had a similar issue: I would recommend a little gage that shows how much "gas" you have left in your vertical movement. • [b]Class Differentiation[/b] - I didn't feel much of a difference between any of the classes. This might be due to the level cap of 8 in the Beta. I have read a few posts in the forums that liked that or didn't like the lack of differentiation. There are definite pros and cons. It didn't bother me, but it left me wondering if I was missing something. I expected more differentiation between the classes, but then I liked the fact that they weren't different because it made them feel intuitively (maybe incorrectly) like they were balanced. A titan could use a sniper rifle and a hunter could use a hand cannon. It made the classes seem more flexible and not like you were locked into a role. It reminded me of Halo: Reach multiplayer where you could unlock armor that didn't give you an advantage but did customize your look. I concluded at the end of the Beta that the differences between the classes were more stylistic. • [b]RPG gear[/b] - This isn't a request for improvement, but something I just liked and wanted to encourage. I went into the game thinking I would not like the acquisition of gear. However, when I started specializing my gear I noticed I could recharge my abilities much faster. For example, when I maxed my discipline gear, as a hunter, it would enable me to use my grenades more frequently. That was a cool customization option that catered to my play style. I wasn't expecting this from the game and I really enjoyed it! Overall, thank you Bungie for a fun and exciting new game experience!

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