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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
7/28/2014 1:36:18 PM

Some form of character re-customization is needed in the final version of the game.

Hi Bungie, and people who are not Bungie but might have something to say on the subject. It might seem like a secondary concern compared to fine tuning the crucible or getting Peter Dinklage to spout humorous catch phrases, but at some point it would probably be a good idea to add some form of character re-customization to the tower's merchant offerings. Granted, you only see your character's head when you're gallivanting about town, not stabbing things with bullets (provided a hide helmet option is never added) but sooner or later most people will probably want to switch things up a little. Either because they regret their character creation decisions, have grown sick of looking at the same old thing, want to match a new set or armor or just crave a little variety there are a lot of motivations to want to change appearance eventually. Whatever the reason, letting people have the option to change their minds at any time lets them feel a little freer and makes them that much happier. The level of customization is up to you. While I don't expect people would be able to change their race or gender however I don't think a barber, plastic surgeon or mechanic (for the Exo, lol) is an unreasonable request. Hair, facial markings, head adornments, eye and mouth light colors and possibly facial hair and piercings all seem like good candidates for re-customization and having an area to re-customize would allow you to introduce further customization options at any time, which most players will probably appreciate. Since this game has so many RPG elements it feels worth noting that most of the competition is already offering the ability to do this to some extent or another, from WoW to Borderlands. It would seem remiss to not include such a ubiquitous function. Anyhow thanks for your time, and to Bungie I'd like to say that I'd just like to help make Destiny the best game it can be and I hope you'll take my suggestion under consideration (i.e: Do it.). If you throw in a line from the NPC when an Exo walks up like "Uhhh... Just let me get out my tools." Then bonus points to you. As a secondary note, ATM you have no idea what the back of your character's head looks like when you select a haircut. Until you get to the city you can't even see that the haircut I picked for my warlock has a ponytail in the back for instance. While I liked how it looked others may not and other haircuts might prove even more surprising. This makes the matter of re-customization a bit more pressing and also begs the question, why can't I rotate my character when I'm creating them? To everyone else, thanks for stopping in and feel free to share your thoughts.

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