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Destiny Beta Final Opinion

This Beta has been a absolute blast and it leaves me itching to play the game when it releases on September 9th. I thought I would create this post to allow everybody (including myself) to share their final opinion of the Destiny Beta! I will divide this post into 2 sections. One section will be for the story-mode/patrol-mode and the other for the crucible. Story/Patrol: The story-mode in this game is absolutely amazing! It is honestly the best part of the beta in my opinion! The story seems solid so far (Who is that Mystery Guardian) and the gameplay is extremely entertaining. I've played each story mission several times and I've spent countless hours in patrol-mode crushing any fallen that block my path! The thing that keeps the whole story mode interesting (Besides the story itself) are the engrams. Engrams are those sweet surprises that keep me wanting to go out on patrol again and again. Just wait, soon we will be able to actually use those rare engrams Bungie has been teasing us with! As far as I am concerned the Story-mode is a 10/10! Really great job Bungie! Crucible: Now, my opinion of the Crucible might be quite different than most of your opinions. I trust that this group will be able to keep discussion on this topic as mature as possible. Personally my experience with the Crucible has been less than satisfactory. To simply put it, I believe there are to many weapons in the Crucible that can kill you with one shot (Basically too many power weapons). It's really frustrating when I walk around a corner and I get shotgunned right in the face. Or when I shoot somebody and I get them down to really low health and the just run around a corner, charge up their fusion rifle, and as I round the corner, I get one shot when he should have been at a huge disadvantage because his health was still recharging. I'm going to stop with the examples, but these type of situations have happened to me time and time again. I personally think that the Crucible needs a huge makeover. If you agree or disagree with me please comment down below but please don't let it get out of control. If you do agree with me, please include your ideas on how we can fix the crucible (I use the word "fix" lightly, the crucible is not broken). My friends and I have come up with ideas on how to change the crucible. 1. Increase the spawn/respawn time of the special weapon ammo drops. 2 Fewer special ammo drops, make it so there are less drops near the objectives. This will make it so you have to go out of your way to get the ammo and use it effectivly at a objective. 3. In the beginning of a round, players spawn with no special ammo. 4. The super doesn't charge as quickly/easily in the Crucible. 5. Have neutral orbs of light that guardians have to pick up to charge there super. Of course killing other players/capturing objectives will charge your super, but it will charge it way slower than in the current crucible. 7. This idea is a little extreme, and I personally don't support this, but it might be worth a try to completely remove special weapons from the Crucible, or add a playlist that specifically has this trait. That is all of the ideas I have. If you have anymore ideas, please post them below. Destiny is set to be the greatest game yet, and I am looking forward to launch. Let'stake back our home Guardians! The Darkness may be powerful, but it is not strong enough to defeat the light that we wield! See you on September 9th!

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