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10/30/2007 2:37:03 PM

New story- "A Line Drawn in Blood": Chapter 1

Here you have my first attempt at a story for the Flood. This is the first of an, as of yet, unknown amount of chapters. Please leave constructive feedback and, most importantly to me, enjoy! [b]A Line Drawn in Blood[/b] [u]Chapter 1[/u] A mottled, uncertain light pierced the densely packed canopy, tentatively making its way to the rotting, debris covered jungle floor. The dark, unknown core of this world contrasted sharply against the life that was abuzz, caressing the air gloriously in every direction. Colours flitted from leaf to leaf, flashing brightly against the sun in its victory, if only for a moment. The gloriously deafening silence, a beautiful white noise of sorts, was broken as Charlie Company of the 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 11th Brigade, Americal Division pushed further into the madness. A voice softly rang out, its source invisible, and slowly emerging from the foliage, almost as if sprouting from nothingness, Chris, our scout, appeared with the wry smile indicating success spreading across his face. Silently, he motioned into an unremarkable patch of vegetation before seamlessly gliding into the path directed. We followed, fruitlessly trying to match Chris' silent movements. Before long we arrived at a small, yet quickly flowing stream. I lost myself within as I gazed into the blankness of the water. I admired and envied the way in which each new event occuring in the water was quickly whisked onwards, lost forever. Forgotten for eternity. If only the world could stop and I could undo the past or simply forget as the rushing river does. The lives of so many had gone before me, pushing me to this point, and now I simply wished to remove myself of this burden. I was jolted from my thoughts as a pair of hands, then a face, a torso and feet thundered into the water, dissipating my memories. I jumped back in horror, fearing the clash and fire. However, none came. I returned my gaze to the water once more and there, on the bank, stood Chris holding triumphantly a fish, completely black in colour aside from the very tip of its face which shone in a magnificent gold and white like the face of someone who had just learned of the very meaning of reality. I turned to my squadmates, Hollan and Cosmo, who were laughing both at my all too visible fear but also out of relief. No doubt they had been just as shocked as I. I collapsed into the mud, allowing myself a small chuckle. It wasn't often that one found reason to be merry here. It wasn't until I fell into the mud and embraced the primordial ooze of the banks, appreciated the wretchedness, that I noticed what was across the river. "A flash! A flash!" I shouted in a incomprehensible panic. Hollan, Cosmo and Chris just looked at me, perplexed, possibly wondering just how much a fish could shaken a man up inside. "Move you fools! Charlies! Across the bank!" I could not get the words out of my mouth quickly enough. The futility and desperation of the situation left me stunned and unable to speak. The others fired. I could hear pulses, detonations and footsteps. I looked into the trees for some hope but found nothing but greenery enveloping and securing our fates. Rolling over, I saw Chris turning and discarding his prized catch for his rifle. However, it was too late. Shadowed figures leapt across the waters taking Chris to ground. Within seconds I suffered the same. Noise. Blackness. Silence. Understanding. Peace... Life.
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