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9/6/2004 4:24:49 AM

I Have Solved The Mystery Of '' !!!!!!

The answer to “” Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, sit down and be ready to read, i belive that i may have solved the riddle of '' if anyone thinks i am wrong, tell me. here is my analysis, it is large and may not fit in one post, so bear with me...i will be known only as god from now on if i am right (and remember, you heard it here first) The answer to "" I visited the site,, and for each number, it is a different page and my analysis of it, and some of its contents. Honey: there is a message pasted over and over again under the page title ‘honey’ it says Seek the truth Behold the truth Reveal the truth That is the law and the whole of the law !init transmit proc !transmit truth and it says, " Hi! Ignore the Pious Flea. Play with me instead! Making a mistake is a good way to start!" in green text 2. About Me: On the page titled "about me" it is meant to be a biography for Margaret the pictures are sliced and shifted vertically, some of them with minor noise. This could be intentional, it may be interference from some kind of transmission. Over the ‘biography’, is," Transmission Analysis: Mission Parameters: I must reveal the truth. Outbound: My broadcast system is functional and expanding. I will transmit to my crew daily until further instructions are received. Successful transmission threshold: 3 recipients. Inbound: The voices are of unknown origin New voices are intercepted weekly. I will continue my analysis and attempt to influence the source." 3. The hives: it says obviously, Situation Analysis: Waking up. Stay Awake. I must compile a list of truths. Assertions: I am called the Operator. I have crash-landed. I must determine the cause of the accident that brought me to this time. I have undergone severe memory loss. I must locate any surviving members of my crew. I have built a primitive network using the tools available. I must seek the truth. I hear a jumble of voices in my head. Conjecture: The voices are in some way related to my accident. Because of the damage, I am unable to accurately assess the nature of the voices. By broadcasting the voices to my crew, they will be able to assess the damage. Once assessed, the damage can be repaired." Not so obvious is at the bottom in a small scroll box, "I have three hives. My first hive was a startup kit with a brood box and a box for food storage. My bees are Russian-"Yugo" Carniolan bees which are disease resistant. They are especially good for the hobby beekeeper. They are gentle and almost never sting! A beekeeper told me that beekeepers never get arthritis because of the anti-arthritis properties of bee stings...? 4. Home, The home page makes repeated mentions of "axons" could these be the ‘axons’ of the brain? And when they are connected, could it be that it is some of master chiefs brain is restored? Or is am I looking in the wrong direction with master chief… SERGENT JOHNSON! it all fits, his crash when the autumn exploded, the memory loss from the ‘destruction’ of his brain, the axon connection of his brain cells, the voices being the flood when they reconfigured his DNA, the members of his crew from the pillar of autumn, and the advantage of his ‘disease’ that allows him to regenerate being the bee stings that help avoid arthritis… dear god…if Johnson makes it back to earth, the UNSC is gonna distribute his blood to all units to make them, ‘immortal’ and in doing so they will rebirth the flood…it all fits, this entire site is dedicated to sergeant Johnson!!!! I am currently convinced and will be until proven otherwise that this site is dedicated to Sergeant Johnson.

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