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12/27/2012 9:00:11 PM

lock please

The great and mighty Foman deemed this thread lockable but unlocked it so that I have access to the code (all the link formatting etc). That's been done so please relock it and thank him. We are a dedicated team of artists set upon bringing high quality fan-made pieces of art to add to the lore and universe behind Bungie's new flagship IP "Destiny". You may browse through our works, or even join us, but we demand that your artistic skill be great enough to bring further glory to Bungie. [url=]Our work is so filled with skill and natural talent that Morgan Freeman himself has expressed love for this thread.[/url] [b][i][u]Boxart / Promotional[/b][/i][/u] [url=]Zayah117's submission[/url] [url=]Ice Penjamin's submission[/url] [url=]Elixir Error's promotional[/url] [url=]Jump Into Hell's promotional[/url] [url=]Boxart rendered in CryEngine44 by WhiterRain12[/url] [b][i][u]Maps / Levels / Landscapes[/u][/i][/b] [url=]This is a landscape shot of some of the environments in Destiny. The green mountains are tipped with snow and some pockets of unfrozen water.[/url] [url=]Zayah117's Hallway multiplayer map.[/url] [url=]pro concept artisms from Plain Ben[/url] [url=]Zayah117's map "Circle"[/url] [url=]Buckysaurus's Forest map[/url] + [url=]Ask Kehtchum's added concepts.[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's desert map[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's Floating map.[/url] [url=]Edmi Wohusee's dynamic, revolutionary new battlefield[/url] [url=]A look inside the state of the art engine "Cryengine 44" by WhiterRain12[/url] [b][i][u]Combat[/i][/b][/u] [url=]The DoubleShooter gun, and the first piece that started the thread.[/url] [url=]BeserkCommando's epic space battle[/url] [url=]SPOILERS! ALI217 shows the final battle[/url] [url=]NinjaLord77's Tank Can't do it Alone[/url] [b][i][u]Weapons / Vehicles[/i][/b][/u] [url=]Zayah117's Tornado Gun art[/url] [url=]Binman59's "Duck Tank" It looks like a duck to make you feel complacent then fires lightnings at you! There's no blood because the lightning cauterises the wound.[/url] [url=]AcedannyK 7's vehicle[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's Punch of Destiny[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's Tea Bustah[/url] [url=]Binman59's poison grenade explosion. It's like the pulse grenade but actually good.[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's bucket of woes.[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's Unpredictable Nade of Doom[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's barrel of laffs[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's Hat Laser[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's DWBrush[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's High Tech Walker Machine[/url] [url=]Player3Th0mas1's Snail Transport [non armoured][/url] [url=]Player3Th0mas1's Biohazard Gun[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's Hot Potato Nade[/url] [url=]TEH HUGE 2Ku-2H92G AWESOME FIRE CANNON DESTROYER! [Zayah117][/url] [url=]TheManliestMan's Long ranged weapon[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's Unsuspecting laser[/url] [url=]Zayah117's compact shotgun[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's Plain Destiny[/url] [url=]ColdHoboKiller's power weapon[/url] [url=]Player3Th0mas1's sneaky grenade![/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's voice altering power weapon menace[/url] [url=]Slenderman's ORCMOBILE 5000[/url] [url=]tehMoerz Destiny Firegun[/url] [url=]Zayah117's "Not the Gravity Hammer"TM[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's wacky death powder[/url] [b][i][u]Enemies / Friendlies[/b][/i][/u] [url=]ColdHoboKiller14's depiction of one of the frightening new enemies[/url] [url=]ColdHoboKiller14's second enemy.[/url] [url=]Jump Into Hell's Winter People[/url] [url=]Player3Th0mas1's Socially Awkward new enemy[/url] [url=]Edmi Wohusee's enemy: "Robot"[/url] [url=]NinjaLord77's injured fighter[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's boss[/url] [url=]Shoop Do Whoop's Space Marines[/url] [url=]annoyinginge's easily recognisable vehicle[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's ELEMENTAL GUN[/url] [url=]AlmondJoy99's Vien-O-Ray[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's Nutcracker[/url] [url=]Player3Th0mas1's dreaded deathmachine[/url] [b][i][u]DLC / Customisation / Perks / Items[/b][/i][/u] [url=]Zayah117's Hats add on[/url] [url=]Deceive your enemies with Player3Th0mas1's Paint Brush of Death[/url] [url=]BezerkCommando's High Tech Camo(TM)[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's Arm Extension Perk[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's Vision altering perk[/url] [url=]Binman59's new healthkit in compliance with new Healthy Eating standards[/url] [url=]BerzerkCommando's boot assassination[/url] [url=]Sgt Major Dan's customisation pack[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's Speederupper weapon[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's disguise suit[/url] [url=]Slenderman's own suit[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's Ghost ability[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's Goliath Item[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's ability given to you if you guy more Mtn DewTM gamefuel[/url] [b][i][u]Storyboarding / Characters / Concepts[/b][/i][/u] [url=]A stunning, sorrow filled and heartfelt ending by annoyinginge[/url] [url=]NothingToxic's female lead (take that feminists)[/url] [url=]The epic opening cutscene by Binman59[/url] [url=]annoyinginge assures us that the BBC is not funding destiny[/url] [url=]annoyinginge's boss battle[/url] [url=]AlmondJoy99's UI[/url] [url=]AlmondJoy99's Epic Cutscene[/url] [url=]Sgt Major Dan's Health shop (No NHS in Destiny)[/url] [url=]lll H1TMAN lll's bad ending[/url] [b][i][u]Gamemodes[/b][/i][/u] [url=]annoyinginge's Capture the Flag concept[/url] [url=]Zayah117's new Flood gamemode that takes serious skill[/url] [Edited on 01.02.2013 3:42 PM PST]
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