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10/8/2012 8:23:24 PM

Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta [My Review]

NOTE: This is an OPINION REVIEW!!!! This is is NO WAY a full review of the game. Next week we will receive the sequel to 2010s reboot of Medal of Honor. Back in that year it gave us a shot, but emotionally engaging campaign and a decent yet unpolished multiplayer. The developers at Danger Close released a Beta for the multiplayer last Friday, but, with only a week left until release; this may serve as a demo build of the MP. Ok, lets get some things clear here. I see a lot of nit picky, comparison crazed children who do not enjoy games for the sake of enjoying games. This game is being tossed around with CoD comparisons like yesterdays trash. Heck, I even read a complaint that the aiming is too much like CoD... Seriously? Is this what we are becoming? But enough about The Flood... Once you dive into the game you are treated with a nice orchestral score piece that is common with any Medal of Honor game. Once you hit that start button you see a pretty intricate menu design that gives you a more PC feel than a console game. Instead of putting two factions at war with eachother. You are able to choose what special unit you wish to represent. A couple off of the top of my head are US Navy Seals, and British SAS. Each of them have their own reload animations, etc for their training in the real world. It is a pretty cool design choice that gives a variety and sense of national pride to the player. Also if when ever you choose a class for playing; you will have options for what nationality you want. Provided that you have unlocked them. The class system also returns but with a bit more unique responsibility for each class. For examply: the demolition has the option to pull down a face mask and pretty much wheres an EOD suit that gives him bullet resistance; to counter that the Pointman has special ammo that packs a punch hard enough to kill him faster. each role has their own effective stats. The Pointman feels more lightweight and fleet of foot where the Assaulter class feels more heavy and deals out more damage. That is a feature that I really like in a game--because it makes each class feel different from another for each situation that you encounter. With each class comes their own style of weapons and mods. There is a pretty good variety of guns that can be modded to fit your play style and make it more of your own. Each mod that you make to this gun will effect its stats. And no; there is no damage meter for you to increase and decrease. It mostly effects your effective range and mobility. Thus making you feel more heavy or lighter, or even more accurate and deadly. Warfighter is not made to be a typical run and gun game. You are a human and the game knows it. Thus your body will not be able to take as much damage as in games like Battlefield or even CoD. Running blatantly out in the open invites another player to place a bullet in your skull with ease. It is meant for more tactical and team based warfare than a lonewolf experience. Heck, if you have a friend that you are effective with in other games. Then you will see that shine in this game! For you are paired with one other squad member that you can resupply and head, or be a mobile spawn point for--provided that you are not in combat at that time. Because you cannot spawn in the middle of a firefight with him and turn the tide of his death. There are instances when I was spawn killed for a total BS reason. And it will happen, it happens in all FPS games these days; and if you feel the need to complain--GET OVER IT!!! It is true that this game has its problems. For instance the pistols feel a bit under powered when ever you have to use them, and the shotgun for the pointman suffers from that as well. It takes me about three to four shots with a shotgun to kill and that is waaaaaay off beat for a weapon like this. Also when ever the game gets too busy, the reload animations will not play at all. It is like ammo magically grows in your gun. As if a War God planted gunpowder seeds in your mag... Also the Apache pilot killstreak is way OP in terms of weapon usage and time. When ever a player had his bowl of lucky charms and spawned this beast. You will be decimated until its time is up! There needs to be a weapon cool down, shorter time, and a rate of fire decrease. With only one map and one gametype for this Beta/Demo MoH Warfighter may become boring and old once you have played through it for a number of times; and if you do not have a good team or playing alone you may become frustrated and bored again. But that is probably because you do not have that variety that the full game offers. Warfighter runs off of the same engine that DICE made for Battlefield 3. The Frostbite 2 engine makes Warfighter look loads better than its older brother; in fact it looks better than Battlefield 3 did on the consoles! There is less grainy textures and a bit better lighting and smoke effects. But this is NOT a full demo of what the game will look like on a console... Obviously the PC will be a superior choice in terms of everything. but. what this game did on the 360 is very good and shows in terms of visuals that DICE was probably lazy with their BF3 console port. The frame rate ran at a very smooth pace and I did not see much chopping or screen tearing. There are some low res pop ins, but hey this is a Console game. If you are one of those people who complain and complain that "game x is so similar to game y," fine--go play what you think is better. We will be fine without you. I see lots of people bashing this game with their "top soil" ideas of what it is. They tend to never dive deep into what makes this game tick. Because it is ticking good for me. I am not going to issue a number for this, or any game that I review. I will just tell you this and that and what you should do... Look for my full review as well as Dishonored review in the coming weeks.
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