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9/17/2012 10:57:21 PM

UNSC - A Halo Based Minecraft Clan! PVP, PVE, RP, and MORE!

I decided to post on these forums because I really need to hall in more people. Anywho - here's the post. Introduction: One of the first of the Halo-based Minecraft clans our goal is to give you an experience that the Halo games couldn't. Actually living in a world like Halo only..... blockier. We want to give you the experience of becoming a soldier - not just a Spartan (unless you choose that path of course). We want to uphold order, peace, and justice through the server in which we will be established. We will hopefully hold elections, declare wars against antagonizing clans, and create greatness where vile and putrid beings once stood. We are the UNSC - Humanities hope for the future. Official Server: Map: Our Map is a Forerunner Colony made by teethehee. I give him all the credit except for some minor edits I made to look better. I will also be working on a texture pack that will not only give it it's correct look. But also make it even more epic! I encourage you to take a look here and see what we and he has to offer. http://www.planetmin...r-colony-world/ New Texture Pack Official Version 1.0 - Link You will need to use MCPatcher for the textures. Rules: No Griefing - We will not tolerate any griefing unless it is upon an enemy territory who attacked us first. Penalties - Immediate Expulsion with little chance of a removed sentence. No Spamming - This is probably one of the most annoying things a player can do, merely because it annoys other players. Many servers, however, have plugins to prevent this. Penalties - Warning. Then Items will be removed. Demotions are possible. No Cheating or Hacking - In any way, shape, or form. It is a dishonor to the UNSC if you are found with any of these on. (Allowed Mods will be listed below - also depends on server.) Penalties - Immediate Expulsion with little chance of a removed sentence. Use an Appropriate skin. All Skins MUST be Halo or Sci-Fi related. Uniforms will be worn by all of those in the clan. If you are caught wearing a inappropriate skin penalties will begin. Penalties - Warning. Jailing. Item Removal. Demotion. Expulsion. Listen to your Commanding Officer. This doesn't include trolling commands or insanely un-needed commands such as: Give me 64 Diamonds! Give me all your items. Penalties - Warning. Visit with a Higher Officer. Jailing. Removal of items. (Officer Only) Giving un-needed commands. Ex: Give me all your Diamonds! Go Jump off a cliff! Do /suicide. Etc..... Penalties - Warning. Demotion. Item Removal if Items are given. Limit your swearing. It's just wrong when you join up and you find one of your soldiers spewing out horrendous curses at a player merely because he didn't help him mob-farm, kill an end dragon, etc....... Penalties - Warning. Jailing. Demotion. Removal of Items. Expulsion. Note: All Server Rules Also Apply. Application: We don't want any in-experienced new player joining our clan. We want good, honorable soldiers that are willing to server the UNSC for a good durable span. We want people that can hopefully have flexible schedules and who are joining to make this game fun. So, please fill out the application below and we will get to you as soon as humanly possible. IGN: Character Name: Character Back-story: (Not Needed but nice to have) Requested Military Branch: (Will be listed below) Do You Swear to Uphold and Follow the Rules?: How old are you?: Do you have any experience with Halo?: Skype Username: (If you have one) How long have you played Minecraft?: Division Request: What would you like to do as a Civilian?: (Mine, Farm, Alchemize, Anything you like doing that generates supplies. Example Below IGN: zealot067 Character Name: Mike - X067 Character Back-story: Michael Hawkins was born into a military family in the UNSC. As he grown he showed excellence in combat and tactical distribution of forces. He won every game of Risk and Stratego with his friends and was exceptionally strong for his age. He was eventually taken on a "field trip" in which his bus crashed and he disappeared. His family was devastated to learn of this and they would always remember him. He began to train for the SPARTAN-IV program and eventually became a leader amongst them. He made many friends and was one of the first to encourage the SPARTAN Division he trained with to join the Exploration Program. He now serves as Commander of the Spartans in Phoenix Division. Requested Military Branch: Spartan Do You Swear to Uphold and Follow the Rules?: Yes How old are you?: 16 Do you have any experience with Halo?: I have played every single game and completed most of them. Skype Username: zealot067 How long have you played Minecraft?: Since the end of 1.7.3. Division Request: Phoenix - It being the only one. What would you like to do as a Civilian?: I would Mine, Alchemize, and Hunt/Farm for food. Ranks: Ranks will be granted to those who earn them. Whether it be from showing valiance in combat or creating an epic fortress where we can live in peace. There will always be a way to be promoted. Though it may take time so that we don't have a large batch of officers. Now - to the ranks. (More will be added as we get more members and squads.) Enlisted Recruit Private Lance Corporal Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant Officer Ensign 2nd Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant Lieutenant Commander Commander Captain Colonel (Army) - Commodore (Navy) Lieutenant General (Army) - Lieutenant Admiral (Navy) General (Army) - Admiral (Navy) Military Branches: Marines - The Backbone of the UNSC Army. They've fought in almost every engagement the UNSC has had with the Covenant, and with the Flood. They fight to preserve Humanity and are some of the best soldiers in the Galaxy. They are most know for their ability to use any weapon on hand to remove the enemy from their path. ODSTs - The most insane or hardcore of the marines become ODSTs. Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. They drop down to Earth from ships in small drop-pods so that more of them are bound to make it to the earth beneath them. They have fought in almost all of the engagements also and are willing to do stunts that most Marines wouldn't dare do. They also have some of the best Marksman in the Army. Spartans - Secretly trained and selected as children to become the best trained and genetic soldiers in future battles, these soldiers go under a strict training regime, starting at the age of five or six. In the later years this has been maxed out to twelve or thirteen, due to advancements in technology that allow them to literally absorb information into their Cerebral Cortex. Few still come out of this process - but it is nearly impossible to kill one in combat.{Note: You must be selected to join the Spartans.} Navy - What would the Marines be if the fly-boys and fly-girls weren't there to help them? Nothing! These soldiers are some of the most intellectual people in the galaxy as they command ships from the massive Cruisers, to the small Long-Sword fighters. These are the dare-devils of the sky and commanders of the fleet. ONI - What would a Military be without it's espionage and research division? The Office of Naval Intelligence includes both in their small society. These are some of the most scientific and suspicious people in the Universe. But without them - Spartan super - soldiers wouldn't exist now would they? Not much else is know about them. Note: Must be sent a letter of invitation to join. Specializations: We will be adding our own custom classes soon. This will be to limit the armors you can wear, the weapons you can use, and items you will spawn with. There are plenty to choose from and I hope you all are happy to take a look when they're posted. Divisions: Currently, since we're just starting, we only have one division - it is stationed on the Potens server. Division Alpha (1) - Phoenix Division Division Bravo (2) - None Division Charlie (2) - None Squads: Squads are of the utmost importance to our military, as we are a clan which will be based on many of them. Squads usually contain four people, but when send on missions will be paired with another to become a Fireteam. Squads must be capable of movement throughout the battlefield as ordered and must be ready to do extraordinary feats in combat - like holding a fort with only four men versus and onslaught of Enemy Covenant (Mobs in the Halo Minecraft Wars Texture Pack.) I wish to only do pure squads currently, this means that forces from different military places will intermix. I.E Spartans only, Marines only, etc..... Alliances/Enemies: We currently have none as we are a new clan. I hope to ally with more than enemies - as we are normally peaceful. Skins/Texture: All skins will most likely be handled by our resident Halo skinner - Hellcraft. He makes the most epic Halo skins and I encourage you all to look at them here: Link You can also get skins from where-ever as long as they represent your Military Specialization (a.k.a Spartan, ODST, Marine.....) Link to new Official Version 1.0 texture: Link You will need to use MCPatcher for the textures. (Note: I did have to compile the texture myself because some of the things didn't match up. If anyone wants it changed just send me a PM.) Members: Zealot067 - General - Spartan Leader Tassadar12345 - Colonel - Marine Leader (Currently) SouledgeV - Ensign - Spartan Officer (Testing for a position.) Farefevil39 - Ensign - Marine Officer (Status Unknown - Replaceable.) Phoenix067 - Staff Sergeant - ODST Officer (Until we get an Actual Officer.) Vorasium115 - Private - ODST Actual Post - [Edited on 09.17.2012 2:58 PM PDT]

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