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4/20/2012 9:11:24 PM

Any secrets left Bungie? Poll link at bottom of first post.

Being as Bungie has turned all Halo related things to 343 and is now done with it, could you please tell us if there are any secrets or Easter eggs we missed in any of the Halo games, specifically Halo Reach, please.Comment so Bungie will check out this thread! NEW! EDIT! Hey guys, OP here. In the Mail Sack a Bungie employee said this in response to a question: Xd00999 Can you give us any more hints on Easter eggs we have not found yet? No. I cannot. And you, beloved community, must all stop asking. I am sorry. This revival of Easter egg hysteria is entirely my fault. In a previous Sack, I allowed the panel to tease you with mentions of Halo eggs that have yet to be found. You will never find them all. We cannot give you hints. If we did, those eggs would lose their magic. You simply must stop sending me private messages, and stop dropping these questions into the Sack. The strain of lugging around the extra weight of them just might break my back. End of answer I know we can sometimes we can be annoying as a community, but Bungie should realize how much we love these games. Soon inevitably, not many people will be playing these older games. We're not asking for all the Eggs just the good ones. I can't help but feel all of us would feel that somethings missing, If the halo games faded away without us finding the awesome secrets. However, Bungie if you choose to ignore your loving and faithful community in this situation, I'd be sad but respect you nonetheless. EDIT! 4/30/12 Another mail sack Q+A YodasCurd I know you said no more Easter egg hints, but this is important. I have dedicated countless hours to this, and I must know. Is there, or isn't there, another skull in halo 3 (The Assassin Skull) that is hidden somewhere. A slippery slope, that is, Master. If I give you a hint, then someone else will want a hint, and then someone else will also want a hint. All Easter eggs are important. I am sticking to my guns on the new Zero Hint Doctrine. They are called Easter eggs because you have to go and find them. Or not. End of answer. Don't be like that Bungie, can't it be more of a Zero Hint Guideline or maybe only one hint per Mail Sack? Can't you see we're dying here? TL;DR Please tell us some stuff we love the games. Please don't bombard Bungie with too much hate mail/questions. Forge will be in Halo 4(just check 343's site for latest info or on YouTube /Halo4Follower)Please stop the arguing it's tearing us apart. :'( Thanks to every for posting keep it up Let's make this popular! Sorry guys, can't add poll after starting follow the link, feel free to post there too. [url=]POLL!!!![/url] Well the poll thread got locked, but Bungie giving hints received 39 votes and banding together to find egg came in second with 20 something. [Edited on 05.25.2012 4:50 AM PDT]

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