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7/18/2011 9:50:40 PM

bungie die!!!!!!!!!!!

i hate bungie so -blam!-i,n,k much their -blam!-e game developers, i wish they die of cnacer or car crashes or anything just want them dead and their families , their going to fail so much at ps3 hope they go bankrupt :D , I am so happy no elated that they will no be making anymore halo games they have ruined reach. Look at their -blam!- tquit ban even if u betray somebody by accident you get booted and have to wait 10 mins even if u get like 40 kills and they have 1 this game is fuki,ng pathetic!!!! you cant even make your own maps you take a lot of -blam!- maps what some dumb cun.ts has made like Abridged,wayont,trident and the -blam!-est yet mt lamlam, NOBODY wants to play hese basic horrible maps u stupid -blam!-! , use your own maps you greedy -blam!- cun,ts!!youve mad like 4 maps and the rest from the -blam!- forge world which is crap apart your forge is a joke n point putting it in their! You may think your good cuz u got all these lick asses on here i swear they wants to have sex with you ,but your not you have ruined halo with your shi,t basic no sense maps and you use crap forge attempts by some nerd,the ps3 game your going to make is going to fail lmao cant Wait to lugh at a pathetic attempt of a game like reach, microsoft gave you loads of money to make it but you make a game with 3 multiplayer maps ,the rest ripped from the campaign and the shi,t forges you obviously pocket most of the money for your greedy selfs !! no wonder microsoft wants you gone :D and so do mos halo players and most people ehich use this -blam!- site. You also released the nople map pack 2 months after reachs realease you obviously just ripped it grom the game so you can mae more money just the kind of guys you are !! im not stupid and know im going to get banned quick for this I DONT GIVE A -blam!- i made thius account just to say how much i fukin hate you -blam!-,s i hope u die horrible deaths like impalment or so prolonged death and all your fat uglyu familys :D GO -blam!- CUT YOUR THROATS!!!!!!!!!!!! TO the fat ugly nerd virgins mods who are goingto ban me for this GO GeT A -blam!- LIFE AND LAID YOU FAT -blam!- AND PULL OUR TONGUE OUT OF bungies AS,S

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