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4/11/2011 11:25:57 PM

Panzie saves the flood. Pt-8(A short respite)

[url=]Link to previous chapter.[/url] Panzie dismounted baconlove and looked at the tall church-like building atop a set of high reaching stairs. The building was made of thick stone, and able to resist even the strongest flame attack. Inside, Monks trained in martial arts, food preperation, and especially the healing arts lived in seclusion. As quickly as he could without jostling her, panzie carried Rogue up the stairs. The long upward treck gave him time to view of the sun kissed blue mountains around them. 1400 feet above sea level was a long way up to put a monastery. At least he had gotten most of the way on baconlove. Ahead, the large wooden door leading into the monastery loomed. Panzie mounted the last few steps, then knocked on the door. Seconds passed and eventually a light scurry could be heard inside. With a creak, the door opened to reveal a short, bald monk. The man looked at them, his eyes widened. Moving out of the way, he fished out a whistle and blew it. Several monks inside stopped what they were doing, then hurriedly walked to the door. Panzie handed Rogue to the group of waiting monks, then followed them as they headed to the intensive care room at the end of a dull torchlit hallway. The bald monk opened a door and entered, followed shortly by the group of monks and panzie. Surprisingly, these monks had incredibly advanced medical supplies. They even had a kolto and bacta tank on the far wall. As carefully as possible, the monks set rogue on one of the operating tables. A Bushy bearded monk strode over to panzie and began talking. "She's lost a lot of blood, We also believe she's been poisoned." he said worriedly. "You will have to leave while we work on her. Might I recommend the veranda?" Panzie nodded to the man, then left the room. Making his way up to the large circular wedge of stone, panzie thought on what had happened at the facility. Bungie was hiding something big, and he had to find out what it was. Opening a door, a garden filled ledge made him gasp as he looked at its wonder and beauty. Edging toward the tip of the ledge, panzie looked out at miles of snow capped peaks glistening with early morning red-gold. The air was clear and easy to breath in, unlike the stuffy dry air of the flood. Several monks were sitting cross legged on the floor. A look of peaceful concentration occupied their old, wrinkled faces. Noticing them, panzie joined in. The first time he went to keetchenate, he hadn't known what they were doing. It was here that he learned to unlock his powers over rainbows. Panzie cleared his mind and concentrated. After a few minutes of siting peacefully, consciousness and reality disappeared. With a start, Panzie awoke from his meditation. The late noon sun shone above. "Father mod would like to speak with you." The monk said, bowing his head and gliding away. Panzie stretched and got up. His muscles surged with delight and energy. He always enjoyed it when he had meditation time. Panzie yawned then opened the door to the main building. Once inside, he realized Rogue was in terrible condition. Mod likely wanted to talk to panzie about the whole ordeal. The door to the med bay creaked as panzie pushed it open. Inside, mod was standing next to a large black curtain. He was a short man of moderate temperament, His robe hood obscured all but his surprisingly young face. He turned to panzie. "Ah panzie my old friend, we must speak." He said, with genuine enthusiasm. "it seems your friend here is an odd subject to study, You see, that bite to the shoulder seems to have been filled with a virus of some kind. The interesting part being, the virus doesn't appear to be doing any physical harm, and in fact, is helping her heal faster." he made an odd look at panzie, "She's also going throught some "changes", that you will probably like to see." He said quietly as he pulled the curtain back and motioned for panzie to go in. Panzie obliged and stepped into the room. It was dark. After a few seconds, panzie's eyes became accustom to the hazy dark gloom. He strolled toward the half naked Rogue, the sight before him made him chuckle a little inside as he thought of how pissed off she would be once she found out what had happened. Sitting there for a time, panzie began to think of all that had happened so far. Based on the vids he had seen since his return from the facility, it appeared bungie was trying to frame him for the Forum bombing, the destruction of The resistance, and As the man who had attacked a bungie viral control facility, releasing a deadly furry virus through the nearby streets. Furries were running around infecting floodians with their life-changing virus. He didn't know what to do now, Bungie had it's facility locked down tight, and He hadn't even collected adequate data for evidence of wrongdoing. Panzie shook his head at the news. He was in deep now. A movement in the side of the room alerted panzie to Rogue trying to get up. Her dull brown hair swayed precariously. Rogue weakly got up on one of her elbows and looked around, then scratched a rather pervasive itch on her lower back. A heater set by the bed due to the cold mountain air felt uncomfortably warm, she reached her hand to turn it off. Panzie strolled over and clicked the button to turn it off to save her from hurting herself. Rogue thanked panzie, but looked at her hand in surprise. What had once been a moderately tan, white hand and arm, now had a dark tint of grey. She turned it and looked from the white underarm and the gray back of her arm. She tried to reach her other arm to feel her extended hand. A jolt of severe pain from her heavily bandaged neck and shoulder interupted her. With a groan, she spoke to panzie. "Whau au eauw....whudehuck...WHUDEHUCK..." She said, each word getting louder as she started getting pissed at her apparent inability to speak. She turned to slide from the bed, but a clunk and sharp pain behind her made her yelp slightly. She looked behind her to see a small microscope fell on her tail. Her eyes widened even more, an evil slit of a brown pupil replacing her otherwise, soft hazel eyes. Behind her, a large tail with a fin projected from her lower back. Just at her waistline. She shakily stood on her feet. Rogue turned to panzie with a face of pure bewilderment. Rouge looked at her hands then back to panzie. A look of solid concentration covered her face as she tried to sound the words from her alien mouth. "Whawt hapind heeuhr." The mildly recognizable sentence seemed to infuriate her as she tried to say it as clearly as possible. [Edited on 04.11.2011 3:30 PM PDT]

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