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9/5/2005 10:13:25 PM

The Gnome Chronicles: Re-created Chapter 7/Announcement

[i]I took a break from writing, when i started again recently I noticed how much i messed the ending for "The Victor" up, so here is the fixed story, and i have an Story Announcement i'll post after this post.[/i] The Gnome Chronicles Chapter Seven: The Victor -------------------------------A long long Code ago, -------------------------------In a Server far far away... Climbing to the top of the very high pile of dead bodies, Gnome was followed by the remaining members of the 7th army. He Stared down at the army, amazed at the numbers of members still alive, ‘This is it,’ Gnome Thought ‘It’s all or nothing from this point on.’ As Gnome got ready, he was pulled into the code from above. The speed at which he traveled was painful, and the force kept his head down. He used all his strength to look forward, and he saw something furry just before passing out. He woke up in a daze, laying on the floor he lifted his head to look around. His vision was blurred but he was able to see at least one person standing next to something huge. As his vision cleared, he saw that it was the Webmaster and The Soul, quickly getting up he stumbled but caught himself. “What do you want with me?!” he asked with force. “You have been given one last chance to surrender.” The Soul answered with his usual deathly cold voice. “I’ve created some anti-virus to help you.” The webmaster told him, “I'm giving you a chance to live a normal life.” “Why do you think I want to live a normal life? With this one I am more powerful then ever, and if you hadn’t pulled me away, I’d have destroyed this filthy place by now.” Gnome said as he thought of a way to get out of the room. He was about to run when he saw a familiar face moving around The Soul unnoticed. “You may think that I can’t defeat both of you single handedly” Gnome stalled “Your right” The small creature showed himself, The last gnome of the once great Gnome Army. Gnome Lunged at the Webmaster as gnome #59 jumped into The Soul’s mouth. Gnome Knocked down the Webmaster, and shot three daggers at the webmaster, he gave his last breath as Gnome ran for the door, he looked back to see his gnome, still bitting The Soul from in his own mouth, With an evil chuckle he left. Leaving the thread he noticed he was in The Flood, and he was not alone. With everyone split up to look for Gnome, the remaining Guard, Maka, Ske7ch, Frankie, Nos, Chris, and Shishka, kept together, unknown to the presence of Gnome. Gnome closed his eyes and the Red hue surrounded his hand, a new power that came from The Webmaster. Hiding behind some garbage, Gnome jumped up and landed on Shishka’s back. Raising his fist, he was able to punch through Shishka and harvest his code directly. Pushing off he did a back-flip in the air to dodge a bacon from Frankie. He landed in front of Nos, and he kicked him in the chin with one foot and tripped him with the other. With his normal hand he grabbed Nos’s head and forced him down. Gnome quickly put his knee on Nos’s chest as he punched him in the chest, harvesting another code. By now the rest of the Guard knew where Gnome was, but they didn’t act fast enough. Gnome was able to sneak up behind Frankie and punched him in the back, he fell reviling Chris, who was in front of Frankie. Gnome shot daggers that hit Chris in the legs, Falling to his knee’s Gnome walked up and punched Chris. Afterward Gnome stopped for a second to fully realize the powers he just received. Regrouping, Ske7ch jumped Gnome and grabbed onto his death hand, Maka jumped high into the air and landed with his feet on Gnomes shoulders. Crouching down, Maka began to beat Gnome over the head. Throwing his shoulders back, Gnome was able to knock Ske7ch back, while chucking Maka into a wall, where he lay. Ske7ch quickly grabbed Chris’s Banning prod and lunged at Gnome. Gnome grabbed the banning prod and with all his strength he broke it completely in half. Astonished, Ske7ch was too distracted to stop Gnome’s attack. As he fell to the ground, Gnome walked over to Maka, he was already dead. Satisfied, Gnome turned to the door when the room grew dark, the door opened, and their stood Achronos and his ban-hammer. They both charged at each other. Achronos lifted his ban-hammer and the two met at great speeds. Gnome grabbed the ban-hammer as Achronos tried to drop it on Gnome, The moment he touched it a white light blasted through the room. Consumed in the light, the two remained locked in battle. As Achronos Grew weak Gnome was able to bend the ban-hammer back at the Overlord. Gnome had a plan, he let go of the ban-hammer and dodged to the left. At the same time Achronos jumped back, the ban-hammer fell to the ground. Running Gnome got a hold of the Ban-Hammer before Achronos could, he swung, and in a flash of light Gnome had deleted the Overlord. With Ban-hammer in hand, Gnome made his way to Achronos’ thrown, poisoning the code with every step. Overlooking the fallen Domain of, Gnome took his rightful place on the thrown, and his new title, Overlord of Terror, his reign had just begun. [I] Deep within the code, far below that of any living presence, The Soul lays, waiting, preparing.[/I] The End. -Gnome-
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