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8/30/2005 3:26:19 PM

My Worst Experience

Okay, if you are one who does not know me, I am 15 years old. I live with both my parents, an older brother, sister and a younger sister. My Gandma (My Mom's mother) We have currently two dogs (Chelsea is part Pit Bull and Whippet, Chance is hound dog I think) and a cat (Simba is a black and white wanna-be Garfield). Two nights ago, I woke up around midnight to find Chelsea having a seizure just outside my bedroom door. If you have ever experienced this, you know how scary the situation can be. I couldnt sleep that night. The next day we figured she would be alright, until that night (I was on Live at the time) my Mom screamed down the steps, "Its happening again...". Imediatly, me and my little sister ran upstairs and by the time we got their, Chelsea was out of her seizure and was very hostile towards everyone. We know this is because of the short term amnesia caused by the seizure, but it was still very scary. She was locked in my parents room until she returned to her normal state. She spent the night in the garage. You could see in her face that she didnt know what was going on. She felt she was being punished and didnt know why. I feel so sorry I can't take it. We decided she is too dangerous to herself and others. She has to be put to sleep. I cant take it. I'm so upset right now. I went in the garage a few minutes ago to say my final goodbye to Chelsea. I walked in and she jumped on me, looking at me and I started to cry. She just wants to play, she doesnt know. This isn't fair. She doesnt even know whats going on. Its not her fault this stuff happens, why does stuff like this have to happen? I watched her jump into the car willingly. She doesnt know. She thinks she just going for her ride, she doesnt know it'll be her last. As you can imagine, this is hurting me quite a lot. I cannot type too well, my hands are shaking, my eyes are all blurry. I hate life, its not fair. She didnt do anything wrong and shes getting punished for it. And I dont know why but I feel like I could have done something. I cant type anymore, I'm just gonna leave it at that.

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