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8/3/2005 8:43:27 PM

The Gnome Chronicles: Onslaught

Its been awhile but here is my Fourth instalment of The Gnome Chronicles You can find the previous chapters and other works of fiction over at [url=]The Gnome Book.[/url] [B] The Gnome Chronicles [/b] [I] Chapter Four: Onslaught[/I] --------------------------------A long long Code ago,------------- -------------------------------In a Server far far away... All at once every human member of the Flood fell to the ground, Gnome had drained them of they’re very soul increasing his strength and power ten fold. But there was one creature in that forum who was unaffected, it hid away deep with in the code itself, watching, waiting.... The Creature jumped into the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, and speed to Achronos palace. Achronos sat in his chamber going over his files when the creature entered: “Achronos, I come with news-“ he was cut off “Not now, I have work to do-“ The creature ignored Achronos and continued louder “They’re all dead! Every one of them....that damn bastard killed them all!” Achronos stopped everything, got up and turned around, he had a look of total terror upon his face. He stood there, looking upon a monkey, the webmaster. “Are you sure?!” “I Saw it all my self. You have to do something, NOW!” The webmaster pleaded with Achronos “Call upon my army, from the Septagon, The Underground, all of them. Tell them to meet in the News room ready to strike, I will collect my advanced guard.” The Webmaster disappeared and the Overlord ran from his archives. With in a half an hour Achronos had assembled his Advanced Guard, Maka, Ske7ch, Frankie, Goweb, Nos, Chris, and Shishka. With his Advanced Guard assembled they ran down the hall to the News room. The Webmaster stood alone in the middle of the news room. “I couldn’t hold your army back, they attacked....they didn’t stand chance against the gnomes.” “Damn, stay here and watch our back, were going in.” Achronos ordered the Webmaster. The Advanced Guard lined the wall as achronos approached the door, lifted his foot and bashed the door in. With his Ban Hammer raised he ran into the room first followed by the others, but there was no one inside, no sign of battle. Achronos quickly yelled that it was a trap, and they turned for the door. It was deleted, they scanned the room, no way in, no way out. “Why wouldn’t the webmaster warn us.” Nos asked the group. Suddenly The Webmaster appeared in the middle of the room and started laughing a dark, evil laugh. The Advanced guard slowly raised there Ninja weaponry, and watched as the webmaster transformed into Gnome himself. “Well, well, well, Trapped like a dogs head in a jar.” said Gnome, “The Mighty Achronos thought he could take me down, I laugh at your for I have grown stronger then you could ever be!” He Yelled “Stop Now, of feel the full fury of the Ban Hammer! You have called down the Thunder, now reap the whirlwind!” Achronos gave the Ultimatum “Please, that thing wont put a scratch in me. You can fight me hear I don’t mind, my Gnome army is already started to destroy this site. Soon I’ll have my revenge!” As Achronos stared down Gnome, he couldn’t help wonder were the real webmaster had gone to, or if his 7th army was even still alive... To Be Continued. . . -Gnome- Upcoming Chapters: Chapter Five: Triple Alliance
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