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7/15/2005 11:21:06 AM

Attack of the New Mombasians Part V (5)

Okay, I hope this will be better. Last time we left our friends Twitch fried a pack of poodles and DeathDealer caught Reiginko's scent. DeathDealer lifted his head and sniffed around, following the smell of........ Reiginko. Halifax shivered as he thought about the dreadful ritual. Halifax and Reiginko looked down at incoming DeathDealer who had caught Reiginko's scent totally. DeathDealer then suddenly looked up and saw Reiginko and Halifax stairing down at him. In a moment DeathDealer disapeared. You'd really think Halifax and Reiginko would die at this moment. But I think their too cool to die now. I decide when they get to burn. Reiginko jumped down from the tree and looked around. DeathDealer crept out from the shadow of the tree and reached out for Reiginko with arms of bone. Then Halifax jumped down and the arms went flying in the air and landed in Halifax's out streched hands. Halifax and Reiginko turned around ready for an attack from DeathDealer. Halifax spinned the skeletol arms and stopped then with one of the arms he motioned for DeathDealer then he made the same hand flick him off. Halifax: Come and get me. Reiginko spinned around and appeared with his [url=]ban-flail[/url]. Reiginko swinged the banflail around his head and wipped it at the tree that fell to the ground. DeathDealer charged at them, with no arms. Halifax spinned the arms around and smacked DeathDealer silly with them. After that Reiginko twirled around the banflail and in an instant the spiked skull ball was stuck in DeathDealer's head. DeathDealer flinched and walked closer to them, with the skull of the banflail still in it. Then in an instant Reiginko pulled out his [url=]banaxe.[/url] And threw that at him too. Got stuck there too. Then Reiginko pulled out his [url=]bansword[/url] and swinged it around. DeathDealer still walked up to them. Halifax: Why won't he die? Then Reiginko pulled out his [url=]banpendant[/url] and forced it down DeathDealer's mouth. Then Reiginko wipped his hands. In an instant DeathDealer burst into flames and fell to the ground in ashes. Reiginko: Happy? Halifax: Parchell. Halifax and Reiginko wipped around from a sound. Soopa and Nosferatu stood infront of them. It wasn't the end of the Attack. Halifax wipped the arms around again, motioned them to come over and then flicked them off. Halifax: Who wants some? Meanwhile~ Kirby smelled Buffalo wings and headed towards a nearby tree. Buffalo froze. [b][i]TO BE CONTINUED[/i][/b] [b]Do I really have to say it again? Oh well. Yes, You'll have to wait.[/b]
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