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7/14/2005 3:33:38 PM

Attack of the New Mombasians Part III

Last time we left our friends Halifax hid behind a grill. And maybe made out with it. j/k. And there on the horizon were The New Mombasians. DeathDealer, Sonic John, Diaboy, Kirby the Tyrant, Gerbles with his Salami, Soopa with a bowl of soup, Mini Egg with an egg, and unfortuantly, zombie looking, Nosferatu, walking ahead of them all. Everyone watched from their hiding places, as the Mombasians stopped and looked around for them. In a split second they dissapeared except for DeathDeather, and Diaboy who walked down the horizon towards the pink parachute tree. Twitch watched still sucking on the twig that was starting to burn down into nothing. Halifax hid behind the grill and nobody would want to know what he was doing ((j/k)). Smalls breathed quick small breaths as he heard footsteps and breathing outside the shed. Then the footsteps stopped, but the breathing got louder, it felt like it was behind him. Then he felt it on his neck. He shivered but didn't dare turn around in till a hand reached out and grabbed his shoulder and pulled him into the shadows, that he screamed like a girl. Gerbles pulled Smalls into the shadows and opened his screaming mouth, shoved a salami up his butt, and pulled a salami lover, very hungry, rat, out and shoved that down his mouth, and you know the rest. After a few minutes the girl screams were gone. Halifax heard the girly screams. Halifax: Well Smalls is pretty much dead. Diaboy turned his head towards the sound of Halifax's voice. Halifax stiffened as Diaboy caught sight of the grill. He stepped closer. Halifax jumped out from behind the grill. Halifax: I don't think so! This is my grill! Diaboy looked at him confused but then smiled an evil sinister smile that Smalls would of made if he could kill Halifax. In an instant Diaboy danced, hopping around on one foot and wearing a tutu. He was performing the [i]Spam[/i] ritual. Then Diaboy started the chant. Diaboy: I'm so pretty, all so pretty. Oh! I"m so pretty, all so pretty. Repeating, and repeating. Halifax covered his ears and grabbed the lid of the grill. Halifax: Sorry about this, Baby. And Halifax threw the lid at Diaboy before he could finish the ritual. Halifax put the lid back on the grill before heading towards where Reiginko hid at. Halifax then climbed up the tree and hid next to Reiginko, watching carefully as DeathDealer walked around, practically sniffing for more people. Halifax: I got attacked by their ritual. But I got away. Reiginko: Good, who made that girly scream anyways? Halifax looked at Reiginko like he was asking something really stupid, and he was. Halifax: You have got to be kidding me? Reiginko: What? Halifax: It was Smalls. Reiginko: Poor Smalls. Halifax: Yeah, I wonder how he died. Reiginko: Maybe from a vampire. Halifax: I dought it. Steel looked out the window and saw Sonic John heading for the door to the house. She shivered. Soon Sonic John will find Night and her. Then he might kill them with his hedghog, Sonic, or maybe the dreadful ritual. [b][i]TO BE CONTINUED...[/b][/i] [i][b]I Pity you Smalls.[/i] Yes, you'll also have to wait.[/b]
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