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7/1/2004 8:58:16 AM


STF is the name of the clan i will be making i will need snipers (me being one) rocket units good drivers and much more plz leave a review or w/e on what u wanna be if you join this clan...i am in the making of the website...without further ado i will ask u now a few questions if answered right then your chances of being in the clan rised 40% leave an answer in your review.... 1#your in the level bloodgultch and your in the enemie base with the flag and your fellow teamate is in the back waiting for you in a warthog there is also a sniper on his way to cover you but he is not at you he will be there in 30 seconds there is also a teamate on a ghost who is nearby the enemie base on the other hand there is also two enemie tanks about where at the portals are and one is on his way to the leftside of the base and there is a enemie on foot with a rocket in front of the base how do you succesfully get by this opstical(in a matter of speaking). 2# your fighting an enemie and he runs out of ammo you have a rocket and another weapon (one of your choice) do you kill him or let him get another gun to make it fair or you kill him:do you kill him with the rocket or with the gun of your choice. (THIS IS AN EASY ONE) 3# say you had your shields down and you were in the level zanzibar and you were in an enclosed area with 4 openings one opening had a ride waiting for you but also had one person with a rocket waiting to blow you to the sky and another opening had a person with a energy blade ready to cut you to pieces another opening had 3 men waiting with needlers to stick you with needles and the last opening had two men with assault rifles and one man with a sniper high above the ground in an sniper have one frag grenade and two plasma grenades also you have a shotgun with 1 round in it and the chances to hit someone with it are 40% .......where do you go what do you decide one more thing id like to know about you is your favourite color for the masterchief favourite gun/or fav guns/ or fav combo for dual wieldings etc etc...your favourite tactic to take out an enemie your favourite level in halo one your favourite vehical....that is all i will have updates and i will have a website for my clan problaby in a few weeks.... plz leave a review with more then 500 chars and no spam..... SNP_UNIT is a part of SPARTAN TACTICS FORCE that is a classified higher order of the clan which will have more authority and most likely be snipers to be one you must prove yourself worthy on the battle field and mentally i will make up a quiz for it shortly after the clan gets underway after i purchase the game and everything gets settled...i will have other special squadrons for other reasons but lets not get to involved with that after leaving a review please leave and email address..... i am taking all of this serious so no joking around and please consider it if you want to get involved with the SNP_UNIT and help me with the website I am making sincerely SNP ldr of SPARTAN TACTICS FORCE and SNP_UNIT

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