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6/10/2005 5:44:06 PM

The Maka Conspiracy part 1

[i] The name's Douglas Brown. I'm just a user trying to tell the truth. The truth about a name. A reputation that must be upheld. But all of that is irrelevant now. All you need to know follows. This is the story of MakaVeli4Llfe1 and why he was hit with The Hammer. Don’t look away [/i] [b]Chapter One-Loomings[/b] “Damn” Maka thought. He was patrolling The Flood, looking for the group posters, attention whores, religion and political rule-breakers, suicide insult posters, and the occasional appearance of the “n-word”. The n-word is sacred, but never spoken. To speak it is to defile yourself and bring down the quality of the forum around you. This day, Maka had found a group poster. He casually approached the thin crowd around him. Most here shouting insults, and to post in the Classified section. So many were posting to tell him to post in the Classified section. “Why can’t they understand that the Moderators can handle this?” he thought. Maka was disappointed. Among them was Texas Ben, of course, but Halifax as well. “Halifax for goodness sake” thought Maka, shaking his head. He needed to make his move. Maka quickly moved toward the front of the crowd. He looked at the date the member joined. Yesterday. Maka kneed the new member, fr4gger was his name, in the stomach. As he pulled him over his knee, Maka whispered, “This is all for show. You’re new, so I’ll go easy on you. Read the Rules, and don’t do this again”. He let the boy slump to the ground. “As for the rest of”, she shouted, “this thread is locked! Scram!” and the rest of the members scattered. One stayed behind. Halifax. “Look Maka…”, he started. “It’s cool.” Maka said. “You were just trying to help”. “Yeah, I’m sorry,” Halifax said. “Listen, I saw what you did. It was nice. You have a real heart of gold” he said. “Are you brown-nosing?” Maka asked, half jokingly. “No, I swear!” Halifax yelped. “Well, to quote a guy, NO CUSSIN’!” Maka joked. They both chuckled. “Hmm, well!” Halifax said. “Yep, yep” Maka mumbled. “Well, this is getting a bit too awkward for me” and Halifax was gone. “Nice kid” Maka thought. But a thought was nagging him. This was the fourth kid this week to compliment him like this. The other mods didn’t get attention like this, at least, not to his knowledge. Could they be jealous? “Naw”, he dismissed the thought. We’re all professionals here. He logged off for lunch. [b]Chapter Two- Escalation[/b] [i] Come one, come all! It’s the Maka Group! Join now! This group is solely dedicated to MakaVeli4Llfe1. A fan club so to speak. We’ll have a blast. We have Maka stories, Maka roleplay, even Maka stickers! Join today![/i] Maka stared, dumbfounded, and the article in the Classifieds. Could this really be? The other mods, he knew, had nothing like this. Maka had to check this out. It probably wouldn’t have but 5 fanatics. He looked. 64 members as of yesterday. The other mods wouldn’t like this. And here came Recon Number 54. “Hey Maka.” Recon sneered “Nice group ya got there” he said. “Look Recon, I have nothing to do with that” Maka said, but he knew Recon didn’t care. “Pfft! Sure!” Recon said and walked off. Maka shook his head. This wasn’t good. But, he still had a job. Maka walked off into the Flood. He got a nasty surprise when he got there. “No!” he thought. “Not now!” It was a “greatest-mod” thread. Maka was in lead. By a lot. This was not good. A few Mods had made posts, amounting mostly to “big surprise”. “This is not my day” Maka thought. He had no idea. Meanwhile, a meeting of sorts was going on in a dank, dark, private group. “Have you seen this?!” Stosh shouted. “He’s becoming more popular, than…!” “You knew you couldn’t stay on top with ‘don’t use be -blam!-’ forever.” Shishka said from the shadows. “You’ll have to just deal with it. Maka is gaining popularity and that’s that.” “Even you’re losing fans to him, Shishka” Stosh said. “Yes, but I still have a strong enough fanbase to be okay with it” “Look, Shishka, I want Maka taken down. A lot. I need your help. I already have Recon on. Are you in?” Stosh asked point-blank. “No” Shishka answered just as bluntly. “Well” Stosh started “I didn’t want to have to do this” “What are talking about?” asked Shishka. “I have these webcam pictures of you” said Stosh. “Yeah, so?” said Shishka. “Most everyone knows what I look like.” “This is true” said Stosh, “The know what [i] most [/i] of looks like. Look at the picture, closer.” “Oh, god no” said Shishka. “He said the webcam was off!” Shishka said, more to himself than Stosh. “So”, asked Stosh “are you in?” “ …….yes” Shishka replied. “My hands are tied” “Good” Stosh said. “Very good.” [Edited on 7/11/2005]
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