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6/29/2004 9:13:04 PM

The Triumvirate

[b]The Triumvirate[/b] Now hosting 7 members! [i]At the beginning of its horrific and costly war against the war-like alien race known as the Covenant, the UNSC found more enemies than just these invaders. Since the beginning of space travel, pirates and mercenaries plagued the ranks of the human race. Loyal to only their captains, pirates use their ships to loot, steal, and pillage the galaxy. It was even thought that pirates were the first to fight the Covenant in the pursuit of wealth on the far side of the galaxy. On a remote star system, a UNSC ship, the Leviathan warped out of hyperspace in hot pursuit of one of the most powerful pirate ship, the Imperator. The two human made ships squared off, prepared to fight each other to the death. Their fight was quickly interrupted by the appearance of a covenant capitol ship known as the Iron Fist. The Iron Fist at first did not know what to make of these two human ships ready to fight each other, and was even inclined to run away from an out numbered battle. A stand off ensued for a long time, neither side willing to take the initiative of attacking. Seeking a non-violent solution to this battle, the Leviathan’s captain flew into the middle of the three ships. The captains from either side also went to talk. Learning from each other that both UNSC and Covenant have broken protocol by speaking with each other peacefully, the three powerful ships decided to join forces with one another for the time being, as they aren’t wanted by anybody anymore, becoming pirates themselves more or less. Thus the Triumvirate was formed, an unlikely unified entity in between apposing forces.[/i] [b]Positions[/b] [b]Division leader-[/b] The division leader is the one who organizes the matches, assigns positions and is responsible for keeping together the division, the leader must also accommodate individual members needs and deal with any pre-game concerns. Basically he leads the division before the official matches and during them. The division lead must also check in with the team leaders regularly. [b]Team leader-[/b] The team leader is similar to the division lead but is on a smaller scale. The team leader, ironically leads the team in the matches, the team leader must be intelligent and must be able to relay battle tactics to the rest of his team quickly and according to his or her skill, the leader should be one of the best players of his or her team. Weapons are optional. If you think that you meet all the above criteria then let the Triumvirate know. 1 per team. [b]Demolition Expert- [/b]The demolition expert is one of the most important members on the team. The basic role of the demo expert is to blow things up (environment, vehicles, and people lol.) In order to do this most demo experts would use the rocket launcher and grenades, so knowing this the demo expert would need to be fairly decent in the usage of these items. If you like blowing things up, then please let us know!! 1 per team [b]Vehicular Combat and Trans.-[/b] This is also a very important job on the team. The Vehicular Combat and Transportation master must be a skilled user of every vehicle. The transportation leader should be able to coordinate with his or her team members and provide transportation to various locations on the map (this is especially important in Halo 2 seeing as the levels are quite a bit bigger than they are in Halo.) As far as combat is concerned, he or she should be able to operate a banshee and the turrets of a warthog (as you can see this is not hard at all) ghost piloting and tank maneuverability should also be good. Weapon choice here is of course optional. This is an interesting role, if you think that this is you then please alert us. 1 per team. [b]Short Range Combat-[/b] A very important role that should be played by the quick and intelligent players. The short-range Combatants should be skilled in short to mid range combat. They should be highly skilled in room clearing and reacting quickly to different situations. They should have a good sense of the world around them. As far as weapons are concerned they are really optional but I would not suggest a sniper rifle for room clearing, the ideal weapon would be like the battle rifle or the SMG’s (maybe both) shotgun is also a good idea. If you meet all the above standers then by all means let us know and we would be glad to put you in one of these roles (we need a lot of these, so please feel free to alert us if you think you maybe able to do this.) 3 per team. [b]Sniper-[/b] The one who plays the role of the great equalizer should be among the most skilled. Seeing as the sniper can in some situations “turn the tides” of a battle, the sniper of the team should be the best marksmen and good at finding “sniping” (if I may) locations. The team snipers should also be good in stealth and concealed movement. Needless to say the one who plays the role of the sniper MUST use the sniper rifle, the other weapon is at the player choice. If you meet these high standers then please feel free to tell us. 2 per team. [b]To join,[/b] please fil out the following aplication. Real Name: Age: User Name: Prefered Weapons: Favorite Level: Desired Ship/ Position: What you want to join: Experience with FPS: [b]Organization[/b] Each ship (the Iron Fist, Imerator, and Leviathan) will each be broken up into 8 man teams each with a leader, 3 short range combatants, 2 snipers, 1 demolition expert, and 1 vehicular combat and transporter. Our website: Our forums: [Edited on 7/10/2004 9:19:33 AM]

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