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6/29/2004 2:39:53 PM

Task Force 1 (new clan)- Info, Recruitment and Alliance-making

Hey people my new caln is called Task Force 1, a member of the United Earth Forces alliance. TF-1 is basically a small clan that is limited to highly-skilld warriors, who will be chosen by a tryout or by me personally. We will be organised as a fighting team much like that of the Athenian Guard, however we will have ranking, and we will be much better organized. Im looking for some people to help me with starting this clan up, and any1 who can prove to me that they are an awesome halo player is in ahead of time. Heres how it works- We are organized for all matches into this format: a 4-person assault team, which will engage the enemy as our main fighting force, followed by an artillary-man, who will use weapons such as the tank and rocket launchers. We will have 1 sniper to constantly provide sniper cover for the assault team. 2 defenders will guard our base at all times, so that if need be the team can return to the base and regroup safely. Thse are some rough figures, and you can figure that Task force 1 will have about doble the described ammount of players above at a minimum after tryouts. Though the format is similar to the Athenian Guard, youmay note these changes: first, all vehicles are open to everyone, as long as it is being used to help perform one's job. Each job MUST carry at least 1 of his/her class weapon in his/her inventory at all times, but may use any weapoin as their second wepaon. I will not be a total dicatator; once the guard is formed it will share a democarcy much like the the AG. I assure you, however, that Task Force 1 will be much better orgaized and much nmore selective than the Athenian Guard. at the current time Task Force one is engaged in no alliances wiht the Athenian Guard, so SS and SOT dont attack me pls ;-) As a fianl note, if you read this and decide you want your own task force, email me. ill help you get started on a task force uder the UEF and form there on you can have your own clan (starting, presumably, with Task Force 2). Thanks all, and if you have ny questions IM me at TheCanadian1331 or email me at or PM me (Skabok) THX all ill ttyl

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