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2/24/2009 2:43:03 AM

Dr. Green Robot and the Thouseand Quests - Chapter 2!!!

Hey everyone, I wrote the first chapter to an epic story starring Bungie's own Green Robot character that you can see [url=]here[/url]. This is the long awaited second chapter. I hope you all like it, and I hope to write more chapters in the future! Again here is [url=]Chapter 1[/url] for anyone who missed it when it came out! [u]Dr. Green Robot and the Thouseand Quests[/u] Chapter 2 So der dr green was on the pengin planet. Dr shark was ther 2 so don ya dare foget about him! NEways dey had just landed on the plant n dr green had to find the beasty boyz albums for his space mission remember? "Hello penguin city zens...can I ask u a questin?" asked dr green? And that is how the last chapta ened and stuff like that. "I am the penguin space president! I know all!" wow even pengins have a space prez thats pretty coll! "What are you fine young space gentlemen doing on my planet?" he spoke perty good space english n so dr green and dr shark were very imquest with him a course cuz who knew space penguins were so illiterate? "We are on a space dr miction to find all da beasty boyz albums n I heard u got 1 of them!" said dr shark to remind every1 that he is still in this story. Then the space pres of the penguin plant got a squinty look on his face. Then it was a close up to dr green who had a squinty look on his face. Then a closeup on penguin prez, then a closeup to dr green robot who now had a squinty face n a gun in his mouth. I got goosebumps do u? "NEVER! License to Ill will always be ours!" said the space pengin president waht a jerk! And then the pengins opened fird on our interpid heros! Lazorz were ery where! Zap pew pew bang! Every penugin had a lazor or space gun on them! They musta been thouseands of them!!! "We gots to run there are 2 many of them" sad dr green with a gun in his teef. He was cold under pressure n his teeth wer chatting on the gun! "AHHHH!" said dr shark! dey ran to there space dr space ship. Bombs goin off lazorz crisscrossing like crazzy a but they made it perfectly fine n blasted of to the deep coolness of space. "I lost an arm!" sed dr shark! "Uh no u didn. Do you not now how 2 read? U ar perflectly fine?" said dr green? Dr green is so smart! N then dr sharks leg grew back by magic jus like he said! So they were ok but how are they gonna get that LP cuz those space pengins are touff ombres? "Wat are we gunno do dr green we cant take that LP from them they are crazzy u now!" said dr shark who was rite on da munny with this 1! "We are goinna half to go incogsinco with this michion my bff dr shark. But lets wait until we get the otter albums and do this one last cuz even thou im a manly robot this place is 2 crazy an maybe it will be ezer to do last after we ganed the wisdom after we get all the other beasty boyz albums and learn more life lessons." it was an inspriring speech by dr green 4 sure. "Then lets plot a corse for the next plant on the space pirate map we got!" said dr shark. N they did o course. So they journyd at least ten space time units in the cool empty lonely space on their awesome space ship. They finaly got 2 enjoi the slurpie machin an the disco ball that I forgot to tell u was on the ship sorry about that one! But it wasn't as exciting as an actual mission but what can u do it takes time to get from 1 place to 2 place you know! About half way there they got a call on the space telephone that was run off of boron cuz it's the fuchure an its hi teck. It was the space dr president himself so you know it must be improtant! "I'm just checking in on my most succesfull and interpid space drs in the fleet! Also...dr super cobra will be stopping by to make sure you guys r doin ok cuz thats the preseedure you know." then he hung up without saying goodbye cuz he doesnt half to becuz hes the space dr president you no. Now dr shark was dr greens psychic but he had a feelen that dr super cobra did not know nething about being pshychic at all. Dr super cobra drove by our heros space dr ship getting ready to connet so he could walk on. His ship was bigger and cooler n dr green had to amit he was jeloss. Dr super cobra walk on to the ship sloly n he had a cigar n his mouth and lookd reely cool. But he had the squinty eyes on.... IS THIS MAN FRIEND OR FOE? TO BE CONTINUED THANKS FOR READING EVERYONE NEXT CHAPTER OUT SOON [Edited on 02.23.2009 6:43 PM PST]
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