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2/6/2009 2:42:21 PM

Opinions of a Karma system?

Do you think could do better with a Karma system? Example: I have been posting around for 100 days. No warnings, bans and locked threads. For each week a system catches my perfect behavior I get 1+ Karma and this is showed beside the members name or beside there avatar. However if I were to get banned I would lose karma. So in total if I had 10 karma and I got banned for 7 days I would lose about 2 karma which would bring me down to an 8. Heres my theory on how it can work 7 day ban- -2 karma 14 day ban - -4 karma locked thread but no ban issued - -.5 karma lost. ect ect In my opinion I think this will actually improve the behavior of people in certain forums. This could also help the ninjas because If they see someone with -10 karma for example it would be a easier for the ninjas to keep an eye on that individual to see if the next post he makes could lead him to a vacation. A big downside I see to this is that people will be making alt accounts all over the place just for a positive karma system. But in the long run as long as they behave and help other members is that really such a bad thing? I know this might be a little more work for the ninjas and alot more sucking up will be happening but I see this idea work in other forums and its actually quite shocking on how it actually helps.But then again...In those forums members themselves can raise or lower the karma of others. But knowing has about X10 the members I do believe this system can be abused horribly here and thats why I think there should be a system that tracks this. What are your opinions of this?

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