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1/20/2009 10:56:04 AM

My Guide to Taking Screenshots [FULL]

Well here it is. Those who saw my unfinished guide in the flood will see it ALL, and possibly more, in here. I've split it into 2 steps, [b][u]planning the effect[/b][/u] and [b][u]taking it further[/b][/u]. Obviously you don't have to use this. This is just a huge thread of stuff that's helped me out in all my screenshot taking times. Before we go into creating your own pics, i'm going to go through a couple of simple interesting ones. 1: [b]GRID EFFECT:[/b] Pretty simple, but for beginners, here's how to do it. Put down a shield door somewhere, then put down another one with it turned on it's side. Take a screenshot of it, and you should get something like [url=]this[/url], except without the fancy bits on the edge. 2: [b]FLOOR PANELS:[/b] A bit harder. Basically, you have to plant an energy blocker inside the ice room. The ice room is the indoor area past the laser spawn point. Yeah, plant an energy blocker there and you will see that it all goes white on the floor when you look through it, but at the right angle you will see that some of the floor panels are not white, but the normal colour. Stand a spartan on those floor panels to get something a tiny bit like [url=]this[/url]. Enough from effects though, because this is about creating your own! Let's get started. [b][u] PLANNING THE EFFECT[/b][/u]. Most of the time you won't plan an effect, and you'll just make explosions everywhere, but here i'll discuss how to plan an effect, and why you should. 1. Remember FEWSS. Filters - Self explanatory. Most filters are made for taking screenshots, and they can create different effects not shown from the camera to start with. Equipment - Most screenshots nowadays are made up of explosions, which would come under the category of equipment. However, camo and overshields, along with power drains, regenerators, and flares can add something good to a screenshot. Weapons - Bullets from weapons such as the needler can add lots to an effect, and when angling a screenshot, the choice of weapon can come in handy. Spartan - When taking a themed screenshot, the choice of spartan comes in handy. For instance, if you were planning on taking a shot with an ODST theme, or a Master Chief theme, you'd have to chose ODST or Mark VI armour for it. Scenery - Just look at the rock room on avalanche. If you create explosions there, the lighting should give a good effect. Also, objects such as energy blockers can be used for good effect, and there is of course forge art which you could use for a screenshot. 2. Angle is IMPORTANT [url=]Look at this screenshot[/url]. It is not a straightforward angle, which makes it more dynamic, but not in the sense that it is more bold, but it is more subtle, for instance, [url=]this[/url] screenshot is the same effect with a different, and more straightforward angle. This is more 'in your face', so it looks planned. Also, bear in mind that the angle of a screenshot can look better or worse, determined by the weapon and armour you wear/use. For example, [url=]this[/url] screenshot by S c o t t a y has the good angle i was talking about, and [url=]this[/url] screenshot by hockeylevys15, with a similar kind of effect, has the angle that i previously said wasn't as good, yet the streamlined armour and weapon makes it still look good. Another thing to thing about with angles is that you would originally try to take a screenshot from a flying camera angle, but bear in mind that [url=]this[/url] screenshot would not have been achieved without 3rd person camera. [b][u]TAKING IT FURTHER[/b][/u]. Here you'll see how to really make the effect as good as it can be [b][i][u]1. FEWSS in action[/b][/i][/u] So first, i experimented with some objecs while on ghost town. Eventually, i found that if you turn on all filters but nova and place a shield door somewhere and go into flying camera, you should see that when you look through the shield door you'll eventually see a stunning effect, and [url=]here[/url] it is. Then, i experimented with taking it a step further with a spike grenade, and finally got something like [url=]this[/url]. Nothing too special, i know, but see what you can do with FEWSS, and you could take it a step further! [b][i][u]Zoom tactics[/b][/i][/u] 1: Most pics are usually zoomed in. If you are looking for a really zoomed in screenshot and cant get one, the best way to got more zoomed in is have your spartan standing near a wall when you try and take a screenshot, and when in theatre, go into third person and have your camera facing away from the wall. You should see that the camera is suddenly VERY close to the spartan/elite. Then, you can either stay in 3rd person and remove the HUD, or go into flying camera mode. 2: On blackout, if you get too close to an explosion when filters are on, the whole screen will turn white. To stop this, plant a power drain. When it explodes, some black smoke will appear. Look into this and take your screenshot. An example of that working is [url=]this[/url] 3: If you are looking to take a screenshot from a relatively long distance and havn't planned it out properly, the best thing to do to make it look good is to have the effect in the foreground, a bit like [url=]this[/url]. Once you've covered these different aspects of taking a screenshot, your good to go! [Edited on 05.02.2009 11:57 PM PDT]
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