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12/5/2008 8:01:11 AM

Dr. Green Robot and the Thouseand Quests

Hey everyone, I wrote the first chapter to an epic story starring Bungie's own Green Robot character. I hope you all like it, and I hope to write more chapters in the future! [u]Dr. Green Robot and the Thouseand Quests[/u] Chapter I Once up on a time ther was dis green robot. He was on a futurelike quest in psace. He had a machin pgun pistol in each hand and even one in his moth. “It taste good in da mornin lol” sed the green robot whos name is DR GREEN according to his id given to him by the sapce goverment. All of a suden a scary ailen same up to him. He is a shark. “Im goin to kill you dr green robot!” and he shot dr green with his tordedos. “Lol u cant kill me im too amazing and mah name is in da title” said dr green man. And den he shot the ailen with all his might. “O no I killed!” said the shark ailen. “Why did you do dis dr green? I have 3 chilrens that ii have raised since they are sploopytrons. Dey need me! Mah wife is gonna be pretty upset when she heres da news!”. “Oh I sorry shark ailen. Can u forgive me?” said dr green. “sure no prollem!” said the shark. And he wasmagically healed thanks to the gift of magical. The shark is also a dr like dr green. “Yey im a doctor too!” said dr shark. “Dr shark I luv u in a totally pluto way that only men can!”and they rode bycylces together and made sand cassels on the space beach. They were pretty much bffs. They would have gotten maching tatoos but only navy guys do that kind of thing and dr green was married and she said no way hose. Then 1 day the sapce goverment called them and dr green and dr shark were shoked. “I have a space mishun for u guys!”said the dr presidentof the space govermnenet. “It is da futur and I need you guys to find me a copy of each of da Beastie Boys albums. The only remaining cpies have gone missing sum where is da space. Good luck space drs and. They made a million of them since it is the future but All the onesafter To the 5 Boroughs were illegal since the great Beastie Boy Space War in year 3 bazillion so we don’t want those. ” And they did what he said. They got a space shipand went to space to go on there space mishun. It had a jacuzi in it and a slurpie mashine. But they had a mishun to do but they did not kno where the albums were but they needed to find them cuz it was pretty important. “Where is the albums do you think dr shark?” asked dr green? He is a robot rember so he does not know everything. “I don’t know but I think the pirate map planet mite have a copy they always have that kind of stuff.” said dr shark. Hes pretty smart for thinking about that. “Oh yeah I luv that place a lot, but its not my bff like you dr shark” dr green is more sensative than I thught. N so they were off to the pirate map planet to find a pirate map to help them on there magic space quest cuz quests are what space drs do or whateva. They arived at the planet and it was a nice place but they were on bussiness so they could not just work on there tan duh! They went to the capitaol to talk to there government space dr president jjust like the one on there planet but not exaclty. They are not the same person so don’t think that. NEway they waited in line for 10 time spaceunits. And just when they thought they were gonna give up a mirrorcal happened and it was there turn! “Are u the space dr president of the pirate map planet sir?”asked dr green? He wanted to be shure you neva know. Dr shark was there too fyi. Don’t forget about him! “I’m the librarian, if that is what you mean. How can I help you gentlemen today?” this guy knows everything! “Me n dr shark whos my friend need a pirate map that tells us where all the Beastie Boy albums are cuz theyve been scattered throughout the galazy and we need to find them for our quest thanks” said dr green. He does a lot of the talking hes the dr leader. “We haven’t had that request in a long time. Give me a little bit to look it up for you.” and he did and he found it and gave it to our interpid drs on a quest. They thanked the man cuz all drs are nice likethat and they were off on there mishun and went back to their spaceship to contunieu there mishun. “Sweet we have a pirate map of the galazy this is pretty cool. !” said dr shark. Remeber hes and ailen and dr green is a cool robot. He talked again “If we go this way my bff dr green we should find the first album, Licensed to Ill. Letsgo right now we have a space job to do!” and they flew all da way to the new planet that had wat they were lookin for. They watched a movie on the way. They loved ancient movys so they wached what every space critic considered to be one of da most inlfuenza movie eva, based on current events of that time: The Brain from Planet Arous. Then the journey to the planet was done and they pause the moive and got back to work. Everyone of this planet was a penguin. It was called penguin planet by famus drs. “Hello penguin city zens...can I ask u a questin?” asked dr green? TO BE CONTINUED THANKS FOR READING EVERYONE NEXT CHAPTER OUT SOON
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