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"Nam Opum et Potentaie!"

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    Our mission is to create one of the leading teams in Destiny. We felt going with a simple and clean OG name was necessary in being elegant and yet stands out when seen. Aspect is assembling to be ready Day 1 just as Bungie is. We will be strong and ready to back our ideals. I'm very laid back and i intend to run the clan that way.. although we’ll still be leading the pvp charts, doing raids / strikes together, doing gear runs, lvling and just overall playing together, and even planning full scale lobby parties in the tower! I'm a YouTube Partner under Maker Studios so there is potential of Creating a 2nd Partnered YouTube Channel dedicated to sharing our moments, goals, efforts, and accomplishments that we as a clan/team accomplish. We aim to succeed every aspect. We are looking for more members to further this goal; See you starside! >:) Thanks for your time, see you in Destiny! Xbox Tag: By Kittens, Clan Leader - Jake

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