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10/24/2022 2:41:15 PM

[OC Lore, Fan Fiction?] The Scarlet Hive

Don't know what section to really put this in. It's relevant to lore but is no way actual lore. So, I don't know, it can go here and it'll probably get moved. --- We lead the attack. We fought to guard our new strongholds in the new solar system. We served Crota more faithfully than any other. But Crota is dead. And Oryx too. We are still here. The Hidden Swarm beneath the surface of the moon. Waiting and watching. Many have tried to lead us. But we continued to dig deeper beneath the moon as our leaders failed to fight against the Guardians. The Light was winning. So we dug deeper. And there, beneath the lunar surface, was the black pyramid. It was unlike anything we had ever seen before. Immense and powerful, but ever sleeping. We could not awaken it. Only the human could. It came to life for her. The nightmares came forth to fight against those cursed Guardians. So many of us had fallen against the Guardians. Now it was the nightmares turn. We had built a fortress unlike any other to feed off the pyramid's residual energy. Our Scarlet Keep. We were ordered to perform new rituals and bring forth more nightmares. We threw our own on the alter to fuel it. Many of our brood died to bring forth more nightmares. Then these nightmares were sacrificed too. To create something more, a union of hive and nightmare by the name of Zulmak. But this abomination was a mere puppet for the use of petty minds. A misused tool than could have brought us to the Darkness. So I became that tool. I entered the now open pyramid and plunged into its depths. There I found a statue. And it spoke to me of the Darkness and power, of stasis. I have fought many Guardians, crushed Ghosts, and trembled in fear beneath their mighty powers. But now I would have the power. The statue gave me my very own Ghost. This one dark. And it gave me the power to wield Stasis. I am no longer of the Hidden Swarm. Nor have I become one of the Lucent Brood. I am a darker and more sinister Hive. I am the Scarlet Hive, I am Val Galorian, and the Guardians shall have their turn to tremble beneath my powers. --- Don't know how accurate this is to game's lore. I tried but I really don't know enough. Hope you enjoyed. Kinda dumb but I've had fun roleplaying in Crucible with my mask and armour for Halloween.

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