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Bearbeitet von Seraphim Crypto: 4/26/2020 6:09:08 PM

This is ...

a bad idea!


a really good idea!


I like some of it but I don't know exactly


Ok, before everyone puts on his [b]Gjallarhorn [/b]and blasts me into oblivion, just hear me out! I have an idea how to improve loot system and the shop at the same time: Put all of the cosmetics into the [b]general loot pool[/b]. Change prices for cosmetic items to 2-5 $ per item or 10$ for a complete set. People will still buy really cool items as with the amount of items available the [b]chances of getting what you want is slim[/b]. Now, to accompensate such a change money wise - and yes, Bungie needs the money to [b]pay their employees[/b] which is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THERE IS - add some really good exotic and legendary armor rolls to Eververse. I am talking about +70 Heart of Inmost Light natural stats with a 25+ resilience value. And let me pay [b]15 - 50 $[/b] for these. I would pay. Because I am sick of buying fated engrams from Xûr and only getting stuff I'd never use in a million lightyears (I know it's not a time measurement, leave me alone). The reason I am suggesting these changes: Armor rolls really do not have a great impact to the game anyways and being able to buy such an item that can not be played for (there is no activity that will give you a chosen exotic armor piece) will stop frustration (at least mine, but who is with me on that?). My ONLY Heart of Inmost Light roll is +47 natural. Now, you go and tear me into pieces. Thanks for listening! <3 Also: give us Twilight Garrison and give me Spark of the Machine (see gamertag) emblem, PLEASE. Thank you! P.S.: I don't have an URL for anything so I posted my site, sorry for that but I could not post without filling the field which is weird.

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