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♤ Lightborne 10 - Perfectly Executed

[spoiler] This one went on a little long. Hope you still enjoy it! Thanks! [/spoiler] Nights on Nessus are cold. Deadly for a human without the light flowing through them. But even for Guardians, the cold bites hard at anything that's not covered by clothing. Yet Indigo, in her light and agile hunter robes and lightweight breastplate doesn't even flinch as the brutal winds tear through the canyon. Near a rough campfire, Kairos shivers uncontrollably. "So, how much further?" He shakes, covering his body in his robes. Indigo looks down on him, "It's just around the corner but there's been a lot of Fallen activity nearby." She seems to stare off in the distance. Icarus keeps a heavy watch over the camp without letting up. Kairos looks confused. "Why don't we just go take them out? Isn't that what we were built for? Ass-kickin'?" He gestures towards his weapons. Indigo sighs lightly. "Not so easy with him. We lost our last fireteam member in the night. A brute of a man. Most headstrong Titan I knew. Gone in an instant off the side of the Rig on Titan. Ghost and all. Icarus blames himself. Says he could have done something..." she plays with her knife in the dirt. "Now he almost never goes in without a plan. Especially at night." Kairos slouches back. "Oh, shit.. I'm sorry for your loss." He stands up and heads over to join Icarus. The wind fades just barely as he approaches him. "The Fallen are interesting scavengers aren't they?" Icarus says to Kairos without turning around. "Yeah. I suppose... Hey, I don't mean to pry at wounds, but we could definitely take these Fallen on, win, and get inside the Exodus Black before sunrise without a problem. This is basic Guardian stuff here. And I know Ikora told me to stay by your side no matter what, but I gotta move or I'm gonna freeze to death out here. I don't know how you and Indigo stay so unfazed by all th-" Icarus cuts him off by whipping out his arm over his face. "Shh. Look." He points to the sky. Four flashes of lights blink in the night fog. Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. Kairos' eyes widen. He runs back down the hill toward Indigo. "So, not to ruin your artwork you've got going there, but we're gonna need your help up here." He takes off back for the hill with Indigo closely behind. Indigo and Kairos reach the top of the hill, where Icarus has already left. The Fallen all seem to crowd around the flashing lights. Wind gusts through the entire canyon, not from the weather, but from the massive Fallen Ketch that offloads several dropships, and two with Walkers. Kairos scans the area rapidly, "It's an invasion! Where did this come from?" Indigo stares at Icarus as he takes cover on the other side of the ridge. "Come on, we have to get to Failsafe before they do." She leaps up into the air and vanishes from sight. Kairos flails his arms up, "How am I supposed to follow you if I can't see you!?" He slides down the hill toward a scrapped ship from centuries ago. "Penny, analyze this place. I want head counts." He raises his hand and Penny immediately takes off into the air, far above the group. Kairos holds a button on the collar of his robe, projecting his ghosts view onto a heads-up-display in front of himself. "Mark where Icarus and Indigo are as well. I don't want to accidentally hit one of them." Penny chirps back and two green dots mark Icarus' and Indigo's location. Icarus closes his eyes and takes a deep breath in... everything goes quite and the air slows. The particles in the air seem to freeze. The moon peaks through the clouds as the light of a full moon engulfs the canyon. The Walkers drop and the metallic clang of the legs hitting the ground rings through air. Icarus breathes out and fires his hand cannon at the exact moment of impact. A vandal drops to the ground lifeless and his weapon hits the floor. Every Fallen im the area stares at the corpse in confusion. A panic begins to break out. Captains and Vandals begin searching for where the shot came from. In the confusion, an echo of metal scraping against metal splits the silence, a blue burst cripples the rear legs of the first Walker, causing it to collapse as the neck opens to vent. Another silver bullet flies through the air with ease, piercing the release vent in the neck of the Walker. Steam shoots out as the Walker attempts to stand back up, and is again crippled by sky blue blades of pure arc energy. Kairos watches as Indigo blinks in and out of existence with incredible ease. She leaps into the air and pulls out a sniper, aligns the shot mid-air, and fires into the steaming Walkers neck. The round goes completely through the tank, as a massive explosion destroys the Walker and the surrounding crew. Kairos watches on through his display, waiting for the right moment. "Amazing! Penny, save this clip for later! I've never seen arc blades like that before," he stands up and turns off the hud. As he grabs both his Sturm and Drang, he leaps out of cover and onto the back of a dreg, pulls the trigger into its head, and leaps into the air, gliding toward the next Walker. The Walker, facing away from him, spins its forward cannon 180° toward him. "Ah sh-" the cannon smacks into him, sending him barreling into the center of the fray. He gets back up on his feet as several dregs and wretches surround him. "This is gonna hurt a bit," he reaches down to his waist for a small metallic orb. He forms an orb of arc light around it as it begins to hum, forming a storm grenade. He clenches his teeth and squints as he chucks in straight at his feet. The sky opens and a bolt of lightning strikes the ground directly on top of him. Fallen go flying in every direction, their limbs being burned away by the arc energy. Kairos lands on his back, burnt to a crisp. "Not a happy landing.." he aches as he tries to stand. Getting to his feet, he realizes where he is. He's standing directly on top of the Walker! Meanwhile, Icarus runs straight for a Captain with its back turned to him. He makes a leap for its head and wraps his arms around him. The Captain tries to pull him off, whipping him off in front of him. Icarus rolls and dodges back on his feet. The captain scoffs, firing four bursts of his shrapnel launcher toward him. Icarus dodges a few rounds, others find their mark. More dregs begin to close in as the fight continues. Another drop ship flies above as the bottom hatches open. Shanks pour out, guns already firing at anything that's not Fallen. A single massive Servitor slowly floats onto the field. Icarus leaps up into the air, hopping on the tops of the shanks, higher and higher until he reaches the Servitor. He takes his knife, and slams it into the glowing eye, sending it plummeting to the ground, crashing directly into the Captain, exploding into a huge explosion, killing the nearby dregs. The Walker turns to aim at Icarus, sending Kairos to stumble as he rolls to the side of the tank. A hatch opens, and a single Shank comes out, ready to fight. Kairos acts quick, grabbing the Shank and throwing it at an incoming wretch. Before the Walker can close the hatch, Kairos leaps inside. The hatch closes and the Walker points directly at Icarus, ready to fire. Icarus turns and faces it, preparing for the blast. But nothing happens. The Walker just sits, aimed and ready... Then, it turns, the cannon aimed at the crowd of Fallen. Every gun on the tank begins firing upon the Fallen, lighting up the night sky. The Fallen yell and scramble to get out of the way, to no avail. The Walker easily wipes out most of the army of scavengers, and begins to overheat. It collapses, opening every vent it has to try to cool down. Kairos leaps out the top hatch, glides in the air and lands next to Icarus, who has his shot ready. [i]Clang![/i] His gun fires, sending the Walker and any nearby survivors up in flames. Kairos grins as Icarus walks up to him. He places his hand on Kairos' shoulder, "Nice work, kid. We might have a spot for you on the team after all." He pats his back, and walks toward Indigo, who is finishing off a few stragglers. Kairos' smile widens even more as he spins his Sturm and Drang, sheathing both with ease.

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