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10/12/2019 2:32:05 AM

Banned (not guilty)

Hello everyone. How do I get a hold of bungee or support. They say they don't banned people for no reason well why am I banned then. I see everyone with these cool tank symbols and thumbs-up symbols and their name all over online. I watch the video on my cell phone and they say to go in the destiny 2 files click fonts and install. then I opened up the character map I selected these cool little zappy symbols for the left and right side of my name. Went into steam friends changed my name and put them on the left and right side. Alt-tab back in the game and I was banned. Maybe I should have done this with the game closed. I just don't understand this is so silly a permanent ban after I just bought all DLC 2 hours ago cost me a hundred thirty bucks. They don't have any numbers to call any emails. This is ridiculous.

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