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Bearbeitet von Karateka95: 10/20/2019 12:02:49 AM

Anseris Overdrive Sparrow - Missing trail and extra brake light

Hi! Please see screenshots linked here below to my OneDrive:!AtEnWoc6scDghaAZ5UjWd5bQxqF1MA?e=agg9Dc I just unlocked the Anseris Overdrive Sparrow after hours and hours of scouring Hellas Basin for the security nodes. Extremely pleased with myself for doing it all. Got the Sparrow and it looks amazing! There are two problems with this exotic Sparrow: 1. There is a trail missing when boosting on the left side. 2. There is an extra brake light on the left side. I wouldn't normally be bothered by cosmetic detail bugs, but these ones stand out a lot. Hope this can be fixed! Karateka

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