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Bearbeitet von Fordrin: 3/25/2019 5:00:33 PM

Mysterious Box Bug still there but thread got closed, why?

I want to report that annoying bug of the disappearing Mysterious Box when you get the Black Armory Key, too. Found the official Thread and then realized it's closed and you can't reply anymore. Why? It's obviously not fixed yet. What I don't understand: If you're not able to fix that bug for months by now, why don't you provide us a simple workaround for example by give players the option to get another Box from the Volundr Forge. Or, by godsake, increase the damn droprate from the rare bounties from Ada. Because that's the only reason why I had to collect all the keys with my second char. I'm missing only the rare Bountie on my Hunter, but for 3!! months by now, I don't get one. I'm doing as much normal BA bounties a week I can, but still nothing. My titan has the rare bountie, but not the box. So I have no chance to get the weapon. Maybe you can understand that this now after several months without any solution, really sucks, especially when your whole clan has the weapon and you're the only one unlucky guy. Sorry when I sound pissed, I am, but still, seriously, it's not my intent to blame you. Because blaming don't helps anyone. But I really can't understand at this point why there is still no solution or workaround for this, since it could be easily solved.

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