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Bearbeitet von Optimus739: 7/6/2016 10:22:44 PM

How to bring back old raid gear without breaking old raids

I was thinking of why they just didn't remake or raise the content of the old raid and I think its one of those its a lot of programming to tear out already included data just to change the loot tables, so how to bring old raid weapons and gear back without re-making the old raids, its a more simple solutions, You create a legacy raid kiosk. what this does is essentially you go to the kiosk lets say you have 30 ascendant shard or energy because they drop alot from the VOG raid, you go to the kiosk and trade it for the item you want let say raid chest plate, it takes 20 shards to get and it will be a random roll, but be infuse-able and be similar to what vendors or the newer raid provides same with weapons, you'll be able to get a Fate bringer for 30 energy, minus the elemental damage and what ever tweeks required to keep it in check. every thing is still crucible friendly and they could exert more control with them than trying to balance old weapons and gear perks. This would also keep those materials relevant than just get rid of them, playing vog, and crota is still challenging and I feel this would be a lot easier then having them rip apart the loot table.

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