This Week in Destiny – 06/06/2024

Jun 6, 2024 - Destiny 2 Community Team

This week in Destiny we're celebrating the launch of The Final Shape! We're so excited to see everyone jump into the new expansion. There is a lot to do, and we have even more unlocking soon. We are less than a day away from the launch of the Salvation's Edge raid, and we've got some new information to help with your planning.

List of topics for the week:

  • More Salvation’s Edge World First race details.
  • Salvation’s Edge Bungie Rewards.
  • Save the date for these upcoming events.
  • Aldrovanda Witherhoard weapon ornament now available.

Salvation’s Edge World First Race

With Salvation’s Edge launching tomorrow, we want to provide some additional details to help you with your planning.

Disabled Items List

Here’s the list of armor, perks, and Fragments that will be disabled for the raid until server reset on June 11. Please ensure the builds you’re planning account for the following being disabled:


  • Lucky Pants


  • Cascade Point
  • Magnificent Howl


  • Facet of Command
    • This will be re-enabled on June 9 after Contest Mode has ended.

Please note that players will not be prevented from equipping disabled Fragments or items with disabled perks, but the effects will not work when in the raid during the disabled time frames listed above. Additional entries may be added as we approach the raid launch. Please visit our Disabled Items List to get the most up-to-date list as you prepare for the raid.

In addition to this list, make sure to also check out last week’s TWID for details on the completion criteria and official rules.

Watch On Twitch Rivals

And for those looking to catch all the action, we're partnering with Twitch Rivals to bring you full coverage of the World First race. Tune in and watch as the top fireteams race to be the first to complete Salvation's Edge.


To prepare the server for the World First Race, we will be performing short maintenance for Destiny 2 on June 7. It will start at 6 AM PT and is expected to last 1 hour so we can make a few final preparations before the raid. Please take this downtime into consideration as you prepare. 


Beyond the bragging rights and amazing loot, players will also have the chance to earn some sweet emblems. The brave Guardians who can complete Salvation’s Edge on Contest Mode will earn this Hunker Down emblem.

Hunker Down Emblem


Players who complete any version of Salvation’s Edge will earn the Edfication emblem.

Edfication Emblem


Salvation’s Edge Bungie Rewards

Now let’s talk about the out-of-game goodies awaiting you because there are some good ones. Players who complete Salvation’s Edge by June 25 will unlock access to a beautiful Salvation’s Edge Raid Jacket and Salvation’s Edge Sling Bag by Chrome Industries.

Salvation's Edge Raid Jacket: Complete the Salvation's Edge Raid by June 25 at 9:59 AM PT.


Salvation's Edge Sling Bag by Chrome Industries: Complete the Salvation's Edge Raid by June 25 at 9:59 AM PT.


You’ll also have a chance to add some amazing pins to your collection with the Salvation’s Edge Raid Pin and the Iconoclast Title Pin.

Salvation's Edge Raid Pin: Complete Salvation’s Edge raid by October 8 at 9:59 AM PT.


Iconoclast Title Pin: Complete the Iconoclast Title by December 31 at 9:59 AM PT.


Head over to the Bungie Store for more details on these items and more.


And finally, we couldn’t talk about rewards without showing off the grand prize. The World First winners will receive this shiny, new Salvation’s Edge Raid Belt.



We’re partnering with Twitch Rivals on a World First race broadcast covering some of the teams participating in the race, with commentary conducted by returning hosts Professor Broman and Reck1568. Participating in the event will give you a chance to earn several different rewards.

Stand in Salvation Emblem: Watch at least 2 hours of any Destiny 2 streamer.

  • Active between 9:30 AM PT on June 7 and 9:30 AM PT on June 9.

Roots Remain Emblem: Watch at least 2 hours of Destiny 2 Twitch Rivals stream or any participating Twitch Rivals creator.

  • Active between 9:30 AM PT on June 7 and 9:30 AM PT on June 9.

Wrest the Heart Emblem: Subscribe to your favorite Destiny 2 streamer.

  • Members already subscribed to a streamer can earn this emblem by gifting a subscription to another member.
  • Active between 9:30 AM PT on June 7 and 9:30 AM PT on June 9.

Beyond the available Twitch Drops, we've got other goodies available during the World First Twitch Rivals event. We are releasing a global chat emote to celebrate the World First race and you’ll also have a chance to earn some epic Global Chat badges by watching or streaming.

PopGhost Global Chat Emote: This chat emote will be available to all users of Twitch.

  • Active between 9:30 AM PT on June 7 and 9:30 AM PT on June 14.

Scanning Ghost Chat Badge: Stream Destiny 2 for 30 minutes.

  • Active between 9:30 AM PT on June 7 and 9:30 AM PT on June 9.


Ghost Chat Badge: Watch 15 minutes of The Final Shape raid on Twitch Rivals.

  • Active between 9:30 AM PT on June 7 and 9:30 AM PT on June 9.



Remember to link your Bungie and Twitch accounts so you can receive rewards. Check out our guide on how you can link your accounts.

Save the Date: Echoes Edition

The Final Shape is out, but we’re just getting started. After the World First race, we’ll share more details on what’s coming next with Echoes. Until then, here are some notable upcoming dates you can mark on your calendar.

  • June 11: Echoes launches
  • June 14: Trials of Osiris will be back
  • Week of July 2: Iron Banner first week
  • Week of August 6: Solstice begins

Aldrovanda Witherhoard Weapon Ornament

It's here!  Designed by brilliant community artist, Ninth Rivens, and voted for by you, the community, the Aldrovanda Witherhoard weapon ornament is now available in the Eververse store.


Player Support Report



Known Issues List  |  Help Forums  |  Bungie Help Twitter


We are currently investigating an issue where PC players with 3D audio enabled will not receive any audio output from the game. As a temporary workaround, players with Windows Sonic for Headphones, Dolby Atmos, or any other 3D audio setting enabled in their Windows Spatial Sound settings should switch the setting to Off.


For an up-to-date list of disabled items, Aspects, Fragments, or subclasses for the Salvation’s Edge raid World First race, players should see our Disabled Items List Help article Stay tuned to Bungie Help for updates.


While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our :

  • The description for the Deconstruct perk does not reflect the recent change made in Update Deconstruct now refills ammo from reserves.
  • Khvostov 7G 0X's trait Eyes Up, Guardian incorrectly states that the ricochet shots deal more damage.
  • Khvostov 7G 0X's ricochet shots do not benefit from Kinetic Surge armor mods.
  • During The Final Shape campaign, if players do not open the chest in The Blooming Deep Lost Sector before the cutscene plays, the loot will be lost.
  • The Leaving The Final Shape Campaign pop-up is displaying placeholder art.
  • Activating Prismatic Hunter's Blink Dagger while mid-grapple causes the player to fall.
  • The Solar Hunter’s Knock ‘Em Down Aspect does not increase the number of Blade Barrage projectiles.
  • The ability description for the Hunter Arc Staff Super does not mention that the three-attack combo or ground slam attack applies Blind.
  • Vestiges won't auto-convert into a Memory item if another Memory item is in your inventory. Players must obtain another Vestige after the Memory is used for Vestiges to convert into another Memory.
  • Old Seasonal currencies from Seasons 20, 21, 22, and 23 were not automatically removed.
  • Players who were tracking Triumphs that were sunset with the launch of The Final Shape cannot untrack them.
  • Players who completed the Transmigration mission but did not unlock Prismatic will need to replay the mission solo to acquire the new subclass.
  • Due to an issue, the ability to swap weapon perks via the API has been disabled.
  • When launching into the first mission of the campaign, the difficulty setting will always display as “Normal” prior to launch. Legendary difficulty can be toggled after launching into the activity.
  • Players may experience a crash when attempting to reshape a weapon that is no longer present in their inventory. This can be resolved by beginning a craft of a new weapon then backing out.

For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, review our Known Issues article. If you observe other issues, please report them to our #Help forum.

Finality Takes Shape


We've come a long way with the Witness. As we reach our final confrontation with the Voice in the Darkness, it feels mandatory to have it here.

Bio via Twitter/X


Strand Saves the Day


Yeah, grapple can be a monster for damage rotations in the right hands, but at the end of the day, it's more of a high mobility tool. Especially if you can't jump.

Movie of the Week: 


That’s everything for this week. If you've played through the campaign already, now is a good time to get some more reps in with Prismatic and find the builds that suit your playstyle. You've also got a brand-new Artifact and Season Pass Exotic Pulse Rifle to explore, so plenty of new toys to play around with.

We’ll be back next week with another TWID. Until then, pace yourself, and be good to each other.


Destiny 2 Community Team

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