The Final Shape: All You Need to Know

Jun 4, 2024 - Destiny 2 Community Team

The day has come, Guardians. Happy The Final Shape launch day! Much is happening today, so we wanted to help by putting everything you might need to know in one place. Let's start with The Final Shape launch trailer, shall we? 

Confronting Oblivion 

In our latest ViDocs, we shared why The Final Shape is so special. We talked about the emotional journey, the Witness's plans, the beloved characters you've known for almost ten years, the new powers, the dangers, the places you'll find... You know what? It's better if you just watch them yourself.  

Through The Pale Heart 

Crow was first. Now, it's our turn to step inside the Traveler and explore : The Pale Heart. It's strange, yet familiar. Welcoming, but unsettling. You'll first experience this new destination in a more linear way while playing through the campaign, but afterward, it will continue unfolding with new locations, challenges, and activities. And with Pathfinder—our new progression system for The Pale Heart destination and Ritual activities—you'll earn tons of rewards while doing so.  

A Campaign for Legends 


In The Final Shape campaign, you, the Vanguard, and your allies will pursue the Witness to thwart its plans. It won't be easy, especially if you play it in Legendary Mode. You'll have to test your mettle on every fight, but your efforts will earn you upgraded rewards, like a set of armor with a high enough Power Level for raid content. 

Fear the Dread 

The Dread is a new species born as a result of the Witness's incursion inside of the Traveler. They are a menace, and you'll need new strategies to defeat them.  

Transcend Light and Darkness 

During their adventures inside The Pale Heart, players will earn three new Light-based Supers, one for each Guardian class and each of them accompanied by new Aspects.  

Storm's Edge Super and Ascension Aspect 

Song of Flame Super and Hellion Aspect 

Twilight Arsenal Super and Unbreakable Aspect 

But that's not all. The blending of Light and Darkness inside of the Traveler will allow Guardians to go beyond their known limits and combine both powers for the first time with the Prismatic subclass. Players will be able to combine select features of Light and Darkness subclasses, while also having some new and powerful Fragments at their disposal, resulting in incredibly powerful builds. 

With Prismatic, using Light and Darkness will also charge a new power called Transcendence, which will overflow Guardians with power, allowing them to create a unique grenade. Born from Light and Darkness, these grenades have increased damage output and regenerate at a faster pace.  

The cherry on top for Prismatic is the addition of new Exotic class items. These are exclusive to the Prismatic subclass, and you earn them through a unique activity in The Final Shape. Each of these Exotic class items has a mix of two Exotic armor perks, allowing for combos that were not possible before. Check out the list of Exotic perk combinations here

New Arsenal

Speaking of Exotics, we have a formidable lineup of new Exotic weapons that will allow you to defeat your foes in unique ways. Still Hunt shoots like a Marksman Hunter, Microcosm shoots wide beams of powerful Light, Khvostov is an old friend made anew and... well, you’ll discover what the rest do on your adventure.  

Still Hunt  



Six new Exotic pieces of armor will also be available in The Final Shape, two for each class. Three of these pieces have their own trailers already, check them out below. 


Gifted Conviction 

Hazardous Propulsion 

Of course, new Legendary gear is also needed in this fight, and we have plenty. For starters, the new destination weapons are all craftable, and some are part of new archetypes, like the new Auto Rifle that heals your allies when you shoot at them. 

destination weapons.jpeg

Here's the whole list:  

  • No Hesitation – Solar Support Frame Auto Rifle 
  • Axial Lacuna – Solar Precision Fusion Rifle 
  • Bold Endings – Stasis Heavy Burst Hand Cannon 
  • Pro Memoria – Strand Aggressive Machine Gun 
  • Someday – Kinetic Precision Shotgun 
  • The Call – Strand Rocket-Assited Frame Sidearm 
  • Embraced Identity – Void Adaptive Sniper Rifle 
  • False Idols – Solar Vortex Frame Sword  

And let's not forget one very important upgrade coming to many weapons, including both new weapons and those already in your vault: perk enhancing. A broad selection of Legendary weapons can now have their perks enhanced.

An Ever-Evolving Sandbox


Our Sandbox team has been busy making changes to weapons, armor, and abilities. We have three different articles covering the main changes coming with The Final Shape. Be prepared to buildcraft and be your strongest self by reading these: 

Additionaly, we have a preview of the perks that the new Seasonal Artifact brings to the table. It’s another crucial aspect of buildcrafting in Destiny 2.

Storm the New Raid: Salvation's Edge 

In The Final Shape, Guardians will confront the Witness in the new Salvation's Edge raid launching on June 7. Our World First race will be taking place during the first 48 hours of the raid, when Contest Mode will also be active. Whether you participate in the raid with your fireteam or follow the race on Twitch Rivals, you won’t want to miss this.  

Please note that we encourage all players to complete The Final Shape campaign and the Wild Card Exotic quest prior to the launch of Salvation’s Edge to have the best story experience. 

Destiny 2 x Dungeons & Dragons 

We’re rolling a 20 on excitement for our newave partnership with Wizards of the Coast, bringing Dungeons & Dragons to Destiny 2 in The Final Shape. Faerûn-inspired sets will be available at the Eververse store on June 4, as well as more gear and accessories inspired by this iconic role-playing franchise. 

  • Gold Dragon-themed Apex Draconic set for Titans 
  • Mind Flayers-themed Flayer’s Dominion set for Warlocks 
  • Displacer Beast’s-themed Spectral Displacer set for Hunters 
  • Queen of Dragons ship 
  • Owlbear Chariot Sparrow 
  • Eye Tyrant Ghost shell 
  • Bigby’s Fist finisher 
  • Natural 20 emote 

In addition, the Bungie Store will also be offering an Eye Tyrant Beholder Ghost shell vinyl figure, inspired by the fearsome multi-eyed D&D monster. 

The Year of Episodes Begins on June 11 

The first Episode, Echoes, will start a new era for Destiny 2 on June 11, exactly one week after The Final Shape launches. We'll share more information about Echoes and Episodes after The Final Shape launch.  

Many Quality-of-Life Changes

The Final Shape also brings a lot of important changes to many Destiny 2 systems, from how Rahool will decrypt Exotic engrams to how shaders are shown in the customization menu. Below you can find a list of these changes: 

Read the Update Patch Notes


For the remaining information about what has been added and what is changing with The Final Shape, please read the patch notes for Update

As we said at the beginning, today is the day. You can finally play The Final Shape, face the Witness and its forces, and live an adventure ten years in the making.  

Have fun, everyone! 


The Destiny 2 Community Team 

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