Destiny 2 Hotfix

Dec 13, 2022 - Destiny 2 Dev Team

Gameplay and Investment


  • Fixed an issue where the Lightning Surge Warlock melee ability was not correctly triggering the effects of the Felwinter's Helm Exotic helmet.
  • Reworked the activation triggers and effects of the Gyrfalcon's Hauberk Exotic chest. The new functionality is:
    • When you emerge from invisibility, your Void weapons gain Volatile Rounds for a short time.
    • When you perform a finisher on an enemy while you are invisible, you gain a temporary bonus to weapon damage and a reserve overshield for you and nearby allies.


  • Fixed an issue where hip-fire reticles were missing on Slug Shotguns.
  • Pugilist, Demolitionist, and Wellspring now properly grant ability energy even when the ability is overridden. For example, melee abilities will now get melee energy from Wellspring when holding a Sword or Glaive.

  • Fixed an issue where the Encore perk icon was showing when the weapon was stowed.

  • Fixed an issue where the Enhanced Chain Reaction didn´t show that Swords receive improved guard endurance.

  • Fixed an issue where Icarus Grip and Air Assault wouldn´t show the weapons improved Airborne Effectiveness value.


  • Void Invisibility:
    • While invisible, your maximum radar range is now capped at 24m.

Triumphs, Title, and Seasonal Challenges

  • Reduced the number of Triumphs required for the "Seraph" title from 10 to 9. Reduced the completion requirements by ~50% for the Precision Loadout Seasonal Challenge.


  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect Season was shown on the archive carousel.
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