Final Shape Launch Vital Info. and Known Issues

Jun 3, 2024 - Destiny Player Support

Before the first day of The Final Shape begins, we want players to be aware of certain information and issues we are already investigating:

  • Players progressing through The Final Shape campaign in a fireteam should avoid joining missions in-progress or swapping characters during the campaign to ensure progress is correctly recorded.

  • PC players with 3D audio enabled will not get any audio output from the game.

    • As a temporary workaround, players with Windows Sonic for Headphones, Dolby Atmos, or any other 3D audio setting enabled in their Windows Spatial Sound settings should switch the setting to Off when playing the game.
  • The "Leaving The Final Shape Campaign" pop-up is displaying placeholder art.

  • Activating Prismatic Hunter's Blink Dagger super while mid-Grapple causes the player to fall.

  • The Solar Hunter’s “Knock ‘Em Down” aspect does not increase the number of Blade Barrage projectiles.

  • The ability description for the Hunter Arc Staff super does not mention that the three-attack combo or ground slam attack applies Blind.

  • The description for the Deconstruct perk does not reflect the recent change made in Update Deconstruct now refills ammo from reserves.

  • Vestiges won't auto-convert into a Memory item if another Memory item is in your inventory. Players must obtain another Vestige after the Memory is used for Vestiges to convert into another Memory. 

  • Some old seasonal currencies and items from Seasons 20-23 will not be automatically removed.

  • Khvostov 7G 0X's trait "Eyes Up, Guardian" incorrectly states that the ricochet shots deal more damage.

  • Players who were tracking Triumphs that were vaulted with the launch of The Final Shape cannot untrack them.

  • During The Final Shape campaign, if players do not open the final chest in The Blooming Deep Lost Sector before the cutscene plays, the loot will be lost.

  • When Warlocks pick up a Stasis Shard with the Glacial Harvest aspect equipped, they will not be granted healing.

  • The Berserker’s Bladefury super does not consistently apply Woven Mail to allies on super cast when combined with Into The Fray aspect.

This article will not be updated after The Final Shape launches tomorrow (view our timeline for launch information); instead, we will be updating our Top Issues article (when it's live) as issues arise.

As always, we will be monitoring player reports on our Help Forum, so please let us know of any issues you may hit during the campaign and post-campaign.

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