Community Focus: Daykyri

Oct 17, 2022 - Bungie

It really warms my heart to be writing this, my first Community Focus about a Spanish creator. Meet Daykyri, a veteran content creators in the Spanish-speaking community. He has been there since the beginning and probably helped a new generation of New Lights more than anyone around. I'm not exaggerating, he is a great guy, and we are here to know a bit more about him.  

Thank you for chatting with me today, Daykyri! One of the first things we usually ask Community Focus creators is to introduce themselves in their own words, so... ¡Vamos, vamos, vamos! (Go, go, go). 

Hi, everyone. I'm Daykyri. I'm from Andalucía, which is in the south of Spain. I'm a retired soldier who used to watch the Spanish skies for years as an artillery official. Now I’m taking care of the Last City. I'm really protective of nature and animals, a good music aficionado (that is, music from the '80s and ’90s), and a huge fan of animes like Dragon Ball. I also have a cat named Mara. And obviously, I make Destiny 2 content. I upload videos daily to YouTube and help other Guardians with whatever they need when I stream on Twitch

I know you've been an FPS fan for years, but I was also wondering what games you started with and how you ended up playing Destiny. 

I'm the youngest of three siblings, and I don't really remember what my first video game was because computers and consoles have always been around in my house. What I do remember is playing on the most ancient computer one of my siblings had, an Amstrad, because he wouldn't let me use the most modern one. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, computer games on those PCs came on cassettes, and you had to literally play them in order to load them, which produced a very iconic noise. You had to wait a long time and pray the process wouldn't fail. 
During that time, my father was one of the owners of an amusement arcade and most weekends, I spent a couple of hours there playing for free because he would push an internal button in the arcade machine to give me more credits. ¡De locos! (That's crazy!). Years later, I would play my first console game in my sister's Sega Mega Drive (that's the European name of the Sega Genesis, by the way), which was Sonic The Hedgehog. And I also played Moonwalker.  

When I grew up a little more, I started playing games on the most modern computer, and that's when my love for FPS games started. I tried Half-Life 2, Quake 4, Duke Nukem, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The first multiplayer shooter I played was Gears of War. Then I played Gears of War 2, Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3, and Halo: Reach... I have a lot of fond memories of playing those games with friends.  

Not much later, a game called Destiny launched. It really impressed me with that mix of FPS and MMO elements. Not sure if you heard about it...  

Yeah, I heard that was a good one. Maybe I should try it... Jokes aside, Destiny 2 just turned five last September. Add the three first years of Destiny 1 to that, which makes eight years of the saga... and eight years of you making content about it. What made you start creating content about Destiny?  

I found out about Destiny with the gameplay reveal at E3 2013. Then I tried the alpha, and that's when I started being a Hunter. I was already uploading videos about other games, but with Destiny, I started uploading the whole main campaign with a friend and some Crucible matches. My mother taught me to never look the other way if I could aid others, so I was always helping my friends achieve things in Destiny, and even some strangers I would find in the Tower. I helped many of them complete Vault of Glass. That social element of Destiny is what I liked most about the game, mostly because other games lacked it. 

One day, while I was helping a few friends farm Relic Iron (do you remember that?), one of them asked me why I wasn't uploading videos to help others. And that's how I started uploading more Destiny guides and tips videos. 

It wasn’t until Destiny 2 that I started uploading, since day one, at least one video a day, and I've been doing that for five years already. Some days, I upload maybe two or even three videos. And I haven't failed a single day. Once, I broke my wrist in the morning, and I still managed to upload a Xur localization video in the afternoon. I started streaming daily since launch, helping Guardians complete activities and even raids like Leviathan. I I've been there during the game’s hard and bright times. I always knew Destiny 2 would improve and that Bungie had the means to do it, they just needed time. But you can't rest on your laurels! There's still a long road ahead!  

Feedback is highly appreciated, always has been and always will be!  

As a veteran content creator, I'm sure you have a very particular understanding of the Spanish-speaking Destiny community. How much has it changed in the past years? 

It has changed a lot, and in a good way. During Destiny 1, the community was much smaller than it is now. Destiny 2 brought a lot of new Guardians that are still around. The Spanish-speaking community is filled with awesome Guardians. It ranges from those willing to help anyone inside or outside the game to those who excel in PvE or PvP. As a community, we all pull in the same direction, and we are stronger when we stick together. It's the best community around!  

I know you have a special fixation with New Lights and that you have helped some “just born” Guardians on their way to the Tower. I know you have a few videos about the topic, but I would love to hear from you about what particular thing new players should always take into consideration? 

New Lights are the future, and we must help them understand the game and teach them how to become legendary. We are not here to judge anyone, but to support them. I recently created a new account to live the New Light experience myself and maybe help some of them with better tips on what to do and how to do it, even save them some time. I gotta say, the experience is fine, but it needs some improvement! 

 I would say something I always recommend New Lights should understand is the radar and all the info it gives you. Most new Guardians come from other games that might not have one. Another would be to not aim down sights for more than a few seconds, especially in PvP. In PvE, it depends on the situation a bit, but I've seen too many Guardians blowing themselves up with a Rocket Launcher because they didn't see they were surrounded by Thralls.  

Ha, that happens to New Lights and veterans. I know of a Hunter that just blew himself up doing a Grandmaster Nightfall the other day...  

Talking about Hunters. I know you are a fervent Hunter main, and have been asking for Blink back for a few years. Why do you enjoy the class so much, and how happy were you when Arc 3.0 allowed Hunters to recover from that collective and very selective amnesia? 

Hunters are the best, y lo sabes (and you know it). I'm sorry for Titans and Warlocks, but that's the truth... Ok, I'm joking, I love them too, but Hunters had the best Vanguard leader, Cayde-6. He might not be around anymore, but that's only because Hunters always do the job, no matter how dirty or dangerous, while others are reading or pumping iron.  

What I love most about them is that kind of space ninja magic they have, with swift and precise movements. We are useful in every situation, and no one beats our swag. Our cloaks never go out of fashion. That said, I'm dying for some gangster from the '30s kind of set. I would love to wear a fedora with my Hunter. Bungie, do it.  

Regarding Blink, those who played Destiny and used it on Hunters know why it's such a big deal that it's back. For some reason – personally, I blame Ghaul – we forgot how to use it, but now we are at it again, and it feels better than ever. You know, every time I interacted with someone from Bungie on social media, I always added “PS: Blink for Hunters,” and I did it for years, so... Thank you! 

It's been some time since we announced it in the Showcase, but I want to hear your opinion about Lightfall and all that we introduced. Were you expecting a totally new city of Humanity in our own Sol System?  

I certainly didn't expect so many lights and neon and verticality, and I say that in a good way! And now we know where that flying fish Elsie showed is coming from! I understand she didn't have time to explain why she didn't...  


I also didn't expect Strand to be like that at all, so that was also a nice surprise! The Hunter Threadrunner looks fun to use, and I'm eager to do so. I loved the kind of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Warlock with that Raphael red mask. I'm only asking for it to be really, really strong at launch so we can have lots of fun doing crazy stuff. 

The Warlock actually reminded me of one of the Animatrix short films, but I totally get what you mean. 

Before we say “adiós,” I have three more questions for you. First one: why “Daykyri” and not “Daikiri,” which is the regular way to write it? 

I chose Daykyri because of the Call of Duty Zombies drink, Deadshot Daiquiri. Back in the day, it allowed you to shoot everything in the head for a short time. About the “Y” instead of the “I”... I can't really tell you, or I would break the magic. Sorry!  

Oh, no. This Community Focus was all but a ruse to try and discover that... Anyway, second one: favorite weapons in Destiny 2?  

My favorite Exotic would be Thorn. It was my first one in Destiny. I remember you could only get it with an Exotic bounty back in the day. Hand Cannons are still my favorite weapons in the game, and I still remember trying Thorn in Rumble and just obliterating everyone. We need a catalyst for it, you know? Wink, wink. My favorite Legendary weapon would be Truthteller, the Special ammo Void Grenade Launcher. It can roll with Blinding Grenades and Disruption Break, and it's my most used weapon in Grandmaster Nightfalls. With that perk combination, it makes every activity easier.  

And last but not least: anyone you want to shout out? Also, if you could share a few links so players can find you online, that would be great.  

I upload videos daily to my YouTube channel, and I stream daily on Twitch. I'm also very active on Twitter, where I usually drop memes and do giveaways.  

That said, I want to first thank my mother because she has always worked hard to support me. I also want to thank my friends and all the Spanish-speaking Guardians that might have watched my content at least once. I also want to thank all the Bungie employees that work so hard on Destiny. Each color, phrase, design, and everything else they put in the game makes a lot of people happy.  

And last, if I'm allowed, I would like to raise awareness about environmental conservation. We must take care of Earth and all the life in it. I always think about the simplest things in it. Do you all know why leaves drop from trees? When autumn comes, and there's less sunlight to obtain nutrients from, trees close their veins to save energy and protect themselves from the cold, so leaves drop to the floor and serve as nutrients to the soil and some animals. Please, we must protect nature.  

I didn’t expect such a poetic and beautiful closing paragraph, to be honest. So, I won't say anything else. Thank you for everything, Daykyri. It's been an honor to dedicate a Community Focus to a Spanish creator, especially to one that's been around for so long.  
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