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Aug 23, 2022 - Bungie

Welcome (back) to Destiny 2, Guardians! A lot has happened over the last few years in the universe. We fought off Ghaul in the Red War, embraced the Darkness on Europa, and kept Savathûn from stealing the Traveler into her Throne World. Evil awaits around every corner, and you and your fellow Guardians are the only ones protecting humanity. 

This page is for everybody starting or returning to Destiny. You will find helpful information, links, and more to help you to start your journey as a Guardian. Here is a quick video to get you caught up on the world of Destiny: 

Gift of the Thunder Gods 

Worried about being too far behind to ever get caught up? We’ve prepared a way to help you get well on your way to being ready to tackle anything in Destiny. Introducing Gift of the Thunder Gods.

With Season 18, we have made sure that returning Guardians can jump right in and be ready to play the freshest content. New Lights can grab the chest after they finish the New Light campaign. 

With this special chest, you can boost your Power level up to 1540 with Arc-themed armor and weapons, including two Exotics and ten Legendries. No matter if you’re a Hunter, Titan, or Warlock (or all three!), rewards await you on all your characters!  

So, start your journey and grab your loot by visiting the H.E.L.M. (located in the Director above the Tower)! This chest will be available until Season 18 ends.                                                                                         

Season of Plunder 

A brand-new Season of Destiny has begun. This time, it’s all about pirates, and the Season is full of new activities and rewards available now. The final subclass revamp is now live with Arc 3.0, letting you unleash lightning and become the storm!  You can get the full details here.  

Useful Links 

Here you will find helpful links on getting started, finding a fireteam, and staying in touch with us. 

And Guardians, don´t worry, you won´t be alone. Every day, new Guardians arrive in the Tower protecting the Traveler and the Light!  

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