This Week at Bungie - 7/7/2022

Jul 7, 2022 - Hippy

This week at Bungie, we’re celebrating Bungie Day!  

This week we’re all about those good vibes. Bungie Day is our chance to celebrate our community and some of the ways you have put out as much good into the world as possible. From the story about the wildly popular puppers emote that made its debut a couple of weeks ago, to some of the most hilariously “bad” cosplays we’ve ever seen, this week is a breather. So, sit back, kick those (clean, please) shoes up, and enjoy the ride. Let’s get into it.  

What Makes a Guardian a Guardian?

During last year's Bungie Day, we were celebrating thirty years of making game and put out a call for players to share amazing stories around playing our games. This year, we want to hear from you all again, but centered around your stories as Guardians. 

So what are we looking for? We're asking everyone to share a short video (one minute or less) telling us about your story as a Guardian and who you are as a person. Consider this Guardian profile and your chance to tell us about your favorite Destiny memories, any friends you've made along the way, and anything at all that makes you feel like a Guardian. 

Quick note: By using #GuardianProfiles or #BungieDayArt, you are submitting content to Bungie. When you submit content to Bungie, you agree to the Bungie Services Terms of Use, which also means you're promising us that you have the right to upload that content, that we can freely use it, and you agree that your submission follows our Code of Conduct. 

Shreds of Light

In June, we challenged you all to come up with your best "worst" cosplay ideas for a unique way to bring the universe of Destiny 2 into the real world. Your out-of-close, perfection not required, have-fun-with-it creations had us dying of laughter in the best way, and we can't help but to share just a few of the ones that we loved! If you haven't already, I highly recommend scoping out #ShredsofLight on social, I promise you it's a good time. 

(Can someone help Saint-14, because... um, he's has had better days. See what I mean below): 

Those are just a few of the amazing creations you all came up with. You don't have to be a pro to enjoy cosplay; it's for everyone. Also, it's just an awesome reminder to take a step back sometimes and not take things too seriously. We all love gaming, we're all here for a love of Destiny, and sometimes it's OK to just take a moment and enjoy that. Together!

Thank you all to those that took the time to participate, we hope you had as much fun crafting these as we did checking them out. 

Cosplay Cosmodrome

Before #ShredsofLight, there was Cosplay Cosmodrome! Back in May, we revealed our official Cosplay Cosmodrome, an initiative that shows off just how talented our community truly is. We were thrilled to partner with talented cosplayers from around the world to bring Savathûn to life in jaw-dropping detail. Through this art medium, each cosplayer took to the task diligently, showcasing their talent in a way that left us feeling inspired. Watching the progress unfold each week has been a delight and we are beyond thrilled to share with the Destiny 2 community the glorious final product of their collective efforts. For anyone curious, check out the official blog post on with a sneak peek below:  

Random Acts of Kindness

You hear us talk about how much we love this community, and how many of you lead with kindness in a way that inspires more of the same. Because of that, for this Bungie Day we wanted to offer some of that kindness right back. A select few of you may have noticed a new emblem in your Collections called Humanity’s Chosen. You may have even asked yourself, “Where did this come from?” “Is this a Bungie Store thing I forgot about?” or, my favorite, “What’s an emblem?” The answer to all of the above (accept the last question, because life is about mystery) is that this is a small token of our appreciation. Not every gesture of kindness needs to be grand, nor does it need to be seen. Be kind for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do. It just so happens in this instance, that we happened to see it. We see you, we appreciate you, and we hope you never lose that Light.  

Now, you may be wondering, “What kind of kindness are you talking about? Donating money? Curing the incurable? Inventing an online game with zero trolls?” Now, now, don’t get too wild there. What we are talking about can encompass anything and everything. From looking out for New Lights to being a positive voice in the community at large—no gesture is too small or too grand, it just needs to be genuine.  

We only had a few of these emblems to give out this time around, but that doesn't mean that kindness should stop. 

Bungie Day Giving Festival and the Story Behind the Good Puppers in Destiny 2

You know us here at Bungie, we love ourselves a good ’ol fashioned charity initiative and the Bungie Foundation is vital to seeing those goals made a reality. With summer in full swing, we’ve got lots of plans to help make the world just a little bit brighter and to speak on that, we’ve got the Bungie Foundation here today to share more of the plans for its Bungie Day Giving Festival 2022. So, without further ado, let’s see what some of those sun and fun(draiser) plans look like.  

Bungie Foundation: We always kick off our summer fundraising event on Bungie Day because of the significance this day holds for us and our community. It is a celebration of your legacy of love and service to others in times when kindness and generosity are needed the most.  

From July 7 to July 20, we will shine the spotlight on many community members who have stepped up in big ways to support our charitable efforts! We encourage you to meet new people and make new friends by watching their streams and donating. You can sign up to fundraise too!  

There are some great prizes, regardless of how you choose to get involved. Want to support with a donation? Check out just a few of the prizes that you can earn:   

$10+ "Circadian Guard emblem

$25+ Exotic "Buoyant Shell" Ghost Shell 

$50+ "Seven of Seven" emblem

Prefer to fundraise? We got you covered:  

$2,500+ "Metagalactic Bloom" emblem

$5,000+ Function of Grace emblem

*We are aware of an issue with emblem grants, the team is currently investigating. Please keep an eye on the official Bungie Help Twitter for further updates. 

*All in-game digital incentives are only redeemable once per lifetime, per unique ID, will be automatically redeemed via donors’ ID and will appear in Destiny 2’s Collections on or after Thursday, July 7, 2022, with the exception of the “Bungie Day Package,” which will become available on July 8, 2022. Prizes are only valid if earned on or before July 20, 2022.  

Your support will help ensure that we can continue doing meaningful work across our three charitable pillars: 
  • Children's Health and Wellbeing
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

When the Bungie community joins together in solidarity, we can continue making our world better, brighter, and more hopeful—just like you helped us do for Make-A-Wish kid, Cristian. Born with a rare genetic disorder, Cristian spent much of his childhood in and out of the hospital. After receiving a kidney transplant, Cristian’s road to recovery was long and arduous. He made it through with the help of his dog, Artemis, and through his Destiny community. For his Wish, Cristian asked to have his character—and Artemis—immortalized in his favorite game, and that’s exactly what we did! 

If you haven’t already, head to the Eververse to purchase Cristian’s emote—the Loyal Companion* (available through the end of Season 17). You can also find his bespoke lore that weaves his Destiny character, Prime-40, and his dog, Artemis, in the game forever.  

And if you’d like a real-life version of Artemis, head to the Bungie Store to pre-order Prime-40’s Artemis today, from the US Store or the EU Store! *  

*100% of the profits from the Loyal Companion emote and Prime-40’s Artemis plushy will support the Bungie Foundation.  


Thanks to all of you for everything you have done to support the charitable work of the Bungie Foundation! We invite you to share our enthusiasm and join us now as we strive to help even more people globally who need our helping hand. 

Be sure to also check us out on our social channels for all the latest information throughout the campaign! You can find us here:  

Be a Light Keeper for those in need and join us today!  

The Bungie Foundation  

Bungie Store Goodness

Look, we know we could easily stop while we‘re ahead after that epic deep dive into the NERF LMTD Gjallarhorn blaster that is available to pre-order, but why stop there when there’s even more Destiny goodness to enjoy? We’ve got good ‘ol Gjally, an adorable new Hive Worm plush, and discounts up to 50% off. Which is pretty rad if you’re like me and likes to swim in fandom at every turn.  

Orders of select items between now and July 13 will include the Heritage Eternal emblem. So, if you’re interested, feel free to mosey on over here to add to that sweet collection of yours.  

Missing Artifice Armor Slot: The Indiana Jones of Bugs

Earlier in the Season, players noticed an issue where there was a missing Artifice armor slot. While the issue was fixed, we wanted to take a moment to explain what’s going on. The first fix, notated in a previous hotfix article found here, did address the found issue, but only for players who hadn’t yet logged in for the Season. Unfortunately, for those players who have already logged into the current Season and have lost their Artifice armor sockets, a second, trickier fix is currently in the works, and requires some additional time. 

With each new Season comes new gear and with that, certain aspects of the game are moved, improved, or downright removed for new features. Such is the case for the mods found on the Seasonal Artifact. Usually, this process is straightforward, but when the Grasp of Avarice armor came underneath the spotlight, we found that under certain circumstances, some armor pieces would lose their Artifice sockets. This happened because as the Seasons turn over, the artifact mods are stripped  from the socket and with nothing else in the slot to replace it, the socket attempts to resolve itself in a way that causes that aspect of the armor to become hidden. Normally, our process to avoid such a situation is to swap out the old Seasonal mods with their deprecated variants (empty mods which carry no gameplay effects). Bungie’s Ryan Hammond describes this “switcharoo” by saying, “Think of it as Indiana Jones swapping out the gold idol for the bag of sand.” Off by even a small bit, and everything can come crashing down. In this instance, some of the bags of sand we used were not quite right. 

We are working on a fix for this to ensure that everything registers as intended, but these little sockets are craftier than they appear.  The true work comes with the next fix, which includes using a script to comb through all characters on all accounts to reinitialize specific components that make up these particular armor items, thus restoring all those lost sockets. As you can imagine, this takes time and it’s a complicated road to travel. We’re committed, though, and we are working hard on getting everything back to where it is supposed to be. As this is taking a little bit longer than expected, we wanted to update you on the process so far and communicate that this bug has not been forgotten. We appreciate your patience as the teams continue to work towards a sustainable solution that all can enjoy.  

Witty Player Support Title Here (I BELIEVE IN YOU!) 


Let’s be real, our Player Support team is a bunch of superheroes, and they really need no introduction at this point. Many of you have been referencing the Known Issues article on our website (love that!), so some of this will be information you may have already been expecting. For updates on what’s coming down the pipeline, keep reading.  

Known Issues

While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help forum: 
  • Investigator and Gumshoe rare armor sets are incorrectly appearing as available to unlock for Armor Synthesis when not yet acquired in Collections.  
  • Arc Siphon does not successfully count as an Arc mod for activating secondary perks on Arc Charged with Light mods.  
  • Dialogue for Nessus patrols may not successfully play on patrol activation.  
  • Rahool displays incorrect error messages when players attempt to acquire certain items with a full inventory.  
  • Players who haven’t picked up their Prime Gaming items from Amanda Holliday’s inventory for several drops can’t view her inventory anymore.  

For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our #Help forum

Toy Story Gets Its Guardian On


Hippy: Smell that? Oh yeah, that’s the smell of delicious crossovers. We’ve been doing a lot of those lately and it feels like you all are more inspired than usual when it comes to melding two universes together, particularly with Destiny 2. One of our picks for this week is another one of those great mashups, this time pulling at those nostalgic heartstrings to remind us of simpler times: discovering a hidden world with a story that has spanned years and made us all cry at some point. Yeah, we’re talking about Toy Story and if you say you didn’t cry once during this franchise, I have some concerns. Kidding, sort of...  

So, without further ado, let’s dive right back into Toy Story with a crossover that brings Woody and Buzz into a world filled with Guardians and judgmental worms that can’t stop judging you every time you go into combat.  

Movie of the Week: You think you’re the Buzz Lightyear?  

Sam: Happy TWABsday Guardians, it’s montage time! There is just something about watching Guardians racing around the maps, hitting incredible shots, and all around making our jaws drop. Also, shout out to the MVP of this video, the Glaives. If you haven’t used one this Season, or maybe you’ve just grabbed one for a bounty, I highly recommend trying a few out and just seeing how much fun you can have with them. 

Movie of the Week: Uprising

Hippy: What's that? A bonus round? Aw, you shouldn't have!

So, Is Anyone Going to Clean Up the H.E.L.M., or Nah? 


Bruno: I must admit, I never noticed that something was wrong in the H.E.L.M. until, well, everyone else pointed out that filth growing up on the left side of the ship. I’m that silly. Anyway, the growth is getting out of hand, the Cabal don’t seem to care much, Eris is quite busy, and I doubt we have Egregore Control Services in the Tower... 

Art of the Week: So, who is cleaning up that mess? 

Ivan: Determined, flexible, and mighty. This Titan is moving towards someone. I hope it's not me, nor you. That hammer will land, and it doesn't look good for the Titan's enemy. Amazing colors and atmosphere, well done, ZIMOSLAVA. 

Art of the Week: I did not rise from the ashes, I create the ashes!

As always, be sure to tag us in those sweet, sweet movies and art by using the #Destiny2Art, #AOTW, and #MOTW tags. 

And that’s a wrap on another TWAB adventure with the community. Make sure you’re drinking water, taking that very important “me time,” and remembering to always try and put your kindest foot forward. We’ll see you next week, Guardians!  

<3 "I should go,"
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